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Subject: Game Recommendation!

Pavonine (9/18/2016)

Guys! I want to recommend a game I just found!

It's called "Battleships" and it's really fun! It is made by a guy named Clowntown and he is really underrated and I think you will enjoy it a lot! It revolves around the captain, which is you, who must destroy the other player's ship. The catch? You don't know where the ship is! It bears similarities to the board game "Battleships".

Directions and guidelines are in the game itself. Play it now! (Link)

Vic23453 (9/19/2016)

just tried it and it was cool! although tehre were some weird glitches and bugs, like it sometimes makes a sound everytime i land a missile, its sounded like muffled screaming.

the creator, Clowntown, really did a good job! the graphics were good, but maybe he will make an update to add more upgrades, otehr than that, he did a good job!

FreeCake (9/19/2016)

Thanks for the recommendation! It is such a must-try to everyone.

I would like to say that there are a few bugs. When your ships are down, instead of sinking, they just disappear. Also, shooting the missiles don't really work. I tell it to shoot that box, it goes to another box. When the game had to be shut down, instead of a normal message, it said in the red rectangle, "Enjoyed the game? Come back to play again!".

And also, FYI, I am not high.

Pavonine (9/20/2016)

I am also aware of that. Probably a glitch?

EnderDragon12345 (9/20/2016)

really bad, why did you reccommend? the controls wont work, and the missiles dont go where you want them to be!! i got a daily reward, and it was a dead child with a fork in its throat! will he fix?

Vic23453 (9/21/2016)

probably ender, we just have to wait

also, about the child, that is just unthinkable, probably your high as well

art4lyfe (9/21/2016)


but can he reduce the muffled screaming? it is really annoying and it happens after a sink has sunk down and by sink i mean disappear lmao

the game always crashes, but i dont worry, as long as it autosaves! it doesnt ;( btw a picture of a boy always flashes everytime! he is swinging on the swings and i think it is another bug

Pavonine (9/21/2016)

I'm glad you are happy. Hope that he fixes the screaming and bugs soon.

While playing, I also got the 'Dead Child'. It was so hideous. I reported to him, and he removed it. He thinks that a hacker has infiltrated his game. Just a theory, though.

art4lyfe (9/21/2016)

the picture flashng is now changed to a child in the bathroom standing on a stool with a rope

and the store is really empty can they restock? also lots of people need to play this i mean there are less visitrs than before now and its really boring to play with a guest

FreeCake (9/22/2016)

A child in a bathroom? With a rope, on a stool?!

This game is going dark really quick. It doesn't happen to me, so I don't worry. You better stray away from the game and get your sanity back.

Vic23453 (9/22/2016)

really? it didnt happen to me at all as well probably the servers im playing in is peaceful and harmless

also, the screen changes to "no signal" and static once in a while is that normal?

Pavonine (9/23/2016)

I don't know. That doesn't look normal to me. It's your computer, I guess. The game can't be coded to do that!

About the flashing pictures, it happened to me. I don't think this game is worth it anymore.

PencilLead (9/23/2016) ADMIN

Hello fellow Robloxians!

Unfortunately, we don't know what you people are talking about. I clicked your link, and saw the game. The description stated that the game is still in beta, and that it is a game about sinking ships and becoming victorious.

Being a naive admin I am, I clicked play, and realized that everything you said is currently surprising. I don't know if you got your opinions from the thumbnail, but I see that all of you have been saying wrong things to make other people think it is a good game.

FreeCake (9/23/2016)

What are you talking about, sir?

I just played it, and it was fun! Although you should try and avoid the bugs explained above.

Besides, have you even played the game? Probably isn't loaded yet. Am I right? I maybe can, because the loading screen takes a long time to appear.

PencilLead (9/24/2016) ADMIN

I played it, and I don't think I want to play this ever again. Really boring. I'd play MeepCity rather than sit in front of a static screen all day pretending to sink ships with cannons.

Deleting the game because of click bait. Will discuss with ClownTown about the situation. You guys had a really big imagination with your little game.


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