GUYS IT IS FINISHED, BUT THE ENding looks too bland and cliched -20DollarPeanut

Before You Read!

Please take note that this pasta isn't real. The admins, events, users and names shown in this story are NOT true. Also, this is my first ro-pasta. Please comment constructive reviews so that I can improve! Thank you, and please continue reading.


Carlos Sanchez (cheeseCracker) was an old admin who died of a car crash. The entire Roblox community mourned of his death. Carlos was a friendly and enthusiastic 16-year-old. His last contribution on Roblox was a post explaining that he should go on a hiatus for a few months. Of course, they didn't want him to leave. Because of all his work, he deserved a little rest for a while.

On September 11, 20XX, at around 5:02pm, he was riding a bus heading to _______, _______. In the middle of a freeway, a car intercepted the route of the vehicle, and so it lost its control. Survivors stated that the experience was rather terrifying and that it left them petrified. The bus turned and lost its balance. It crashed on its side. Cars, trucks and other buses stopped their vehicles and they offered help to the victims. 19 people were injured on that faithful day, and 4 were killed, including Carlos.

A memorial was made on Facebook about the entire situation. The Roblox team said that:

"We have lost another soul in the family. We couldn't believe this has happened to us. Thank you for giving us joy and happiness throughout our precious years. And thanks to you for supporting us during our hardships. It was sad to see you go. May you rest in peace."

But that wasn't the end of cheeseCracker...

1: Murder Mystery 2

As I woke up from my comfortable cushion, I almost forgot it was a Saturday. I jumped out of my mattress and combed my hair. I sat on my wooden chair and opened up my laptop. The Apple logo greeted me with their signature colours and looks. When it started up, I went to Safari and typed '' into the search bar. I logged in with my account and password. The home page also greeted me, this time with colourful thumbnails and advertisements telling me about how to get Robux fast, and a Cyanide & Happiness comic.

Murder Mystery 2's blue bayonet thumbnail was there, too. And I saw my friends were playing there. So, I clicked on the game, pressed Play, and waited for it to load.



Still loading...

Is it done yet...

The program booted up. The loading screen and the game's logo flashed. The grey background gave me the chills. When it finished with readying the assets and files, I got hyped. The last round finally finished. My friend greeted me a good morning, and said that the next round was about to start. The first round played.

First Round

I spawned in the Bio Lab. The room was really greyish with metal and matte walls. Three showers came into view. I was an Innocent, so I had to hide. But a voice at the back of my head told me to go explore the map. I exited the area through the door and saw that I went to a corridor with blue lights. I walked to the right, and came across an intersection. My friend was at the left, and an AFK guest was in the middle. An assassin lookalike came to the room with a dagger. It stabbed the poor guest in the heart. The animation of his body parts played and his parts glided across the intersection. I had to think fast.

Immediately, I tagged along with my friend and we both started darting across the hall. An [Elite] went to the opposite direction, and got hit. We were in a giant room, with a round pedestal and big wooden crates. Using the crates as stairs, I climbed up the pedestal and became safe. Unfortunately, the murderer hopped on, and it begins. I jumped off and landed on the floor. In the next hall, I saw a gun emitting a small green cloud of smoke.

It was the sheriff's gun.

Without thinking, I went up the ramp to grab it, but then darkness went over me. The colour of black has made the game dark. I then heard a stabbing sound.

Oh wait, I was brutally murdered. The murderer has killed everyone, including me and my friend. Lots of GGs were being said in the chat. I was about to say a GG, when another player went into the ring.

(cheeseCracker has joined the game)


You may know cheeseCracker from the prologue, that he was the deceased admin from the incident. But, you may have a question in your mind: "How did he survive?". The thing is, I don't know. Was he some kind of trolling hacker? Was it an impostor? I just didn't have any proof to support my answers.

When I approached his character, I knew something was wrong. His blue hair was stained with blood, his jacket was ripped and torn apart, his pants were broken, his shoes were dirty and his face was locked in a shocked expression. His cranium was exposed at the back of his head, and his teeth were crooked. He would often type in chat: "buscrashincidentmemorialfuneraldeath", and that did a good job of petrifying me. People actually thought this was a phoney, and so they ridiculed him.

After all the hate, all he could reply now was "...". Was the soul of the admin taking over his account? Or was it a troll? Sooner, I will find out...

2: Second Round

We spawned in a mineshaft. The caves were massive. The passages were dark and spooky. Torches shone brightly. I was placed in a small pool of water. A hole in the ceiling made way for the Sun to shine its light to the sparkling liquid. I was an Innocent again.

After the ten seconds of grace period, someone struck a dagger at my back. It was my friend, and he was the murderer this time. As I spectated, I saw him showing no mercy to the players. When he saw cheeseCracker, he didn't hesitate. He reached out for him, grasped his dagger tightly, and then he plunged his knife deep in his ba—

Wait a minute. He struck him blow after blow, but he didn't die.

The player then said: "How can you kill someone who's already DEAD?" This petrified my friend. Then, cheeseCracker grabbed a gun out of nowhere and shot him. The death animation played. We went back to the lobby. Everyone complained that he was a hacker, and that they should report him for winning a game unfairly. Me and my friend were so stumped. Why did someone hack an admin's account, and also hack a game? Is he trying to put the blame on admins?

The player, cheeseCracker, then replied to all of this: "iwilldestroyyouall". Muffled screams could he clearly heard through the speakers. Knife stabbing can be heard as well. And then the tab closed.

Out of curiosity, I searched his account on, hoping to see what was up. I saw his profile, and his user was still normal. But when I looked in his recent games, he hasn't played anything a while ago. His last appearance was at a game called "Bunnyland Theme Park".

I needed to get clues, I needed to stop his arrival. So I went to the game and clicked Play.

2.5: The Bus

Our fellow admin, cheeseCracker, has been seated in his chair, riding the bus home.

He took out his phone to play Roblox, to pass the time. Scrolling through the pages of games, he found a game that made him say: "This is interesting." He looked at the game's thumbnail, description, and ratings. That was enough to convince him to let loose.

Bunnyland Theme Park: Where the imagination resides!

Carlos hit the play button, and he was sent into a world of fun, games, and a whole lot of mayhem. The ticket booths stood there, empty. He passed through the gate, and he saw a roller coaster, standing there with its blue color, and its passengers screaming their heads off.

A map of the vicinity was in front of him, and as he stared at the drawing of the entire park, he told himself that he couldn't walk around the place with his average Robloxian speed. That's where he found it.

A yellow vehicle stopped a few meters in front of him. He could see the people inside, sitting on their chairs, looking out the window. The driver honked his horn, telling Carlos to move. The giant automobile cast a shadow onto his Robloxian, and after a few minutes, he would realize what was in front of him.

It was a big bus.

3: Bunnyland

I spawned in front of a row of ticket booths. Each one of them was plain empty. A Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, a pirate ship ride and lots more stood in the distance. A merry-go-round played happy music, while the riders were having the time of their life.

When I passed through the gate, it suddenly rained. I saw a group of people huddled together in a particular place. I asked them what was all the fuss about:

Me (M): whats happening here

Xander1337 (X): This was the exact place the admin died

M: oh, carlos?

PurpleLiam (PL): yes

X: We're mourning of his death

PL: he was so young...

M: yeah. wish he never died

PrincessQueen (PQ): ikr

PQ: it should have been me

We chatted about the admin, until:

(cheeseCracker joined the game)

Yes, he's back.

X: Cheese, is that you

cheeseCracker (cC): buscrashincidentmemorialfuneraldeath

PQ: probably a fake

M: he also appeared in an mm2 game

PL: hey hacker, please shut up

cC: iwillgetmyrevenge

The so-called 'cheeseCracker' went to the place where the group huddled. He stood there, with the same appearance the last time I saw him. Only this time, a dagger was held in his hand. The happy music stopped, and the only sound was the noise of the rain pounding.

On Fire

The roller coaster halted. The merry-go-round came to a stop. The rocking pirate ship slowed down, and out came the passengers. Then, 'cheeseCracker' stared at us, with his blank eyes. His shock expression still the same as usual.

I then smelled smoke. I thought it was coming from the BBQ outside, so I didn't bother.

His knife was smothered with the colour of blood. Me and the other strangers stood there, not knowing what to do.

X: Okay, we get the joke

cC: thisisnotajoke

M: dude wth!!! stop scaring us

PQ: please

PL: this no0b is really good at hacking

cC: dontabandonmehere

Everyone in the server left except for us and 'cC'. It must have been a failed connection, I thought.

cC: thebusdidthisthegamedidthis

X: Come on, dude

cC: whydidhecrashimkillinghimpleasedont

PL: /????

cC: thatdriverwassostupidtodrive


He raised his weapon, preparing to toss it at us. He hesitated, and he sprang into action. He shot his knife at Xander, and missed. Liam was leaping around in circles, and was struck in the head by the bayonet. He left the server after that. Princess was hiding in the ticket booth, but was spotted by 'cC'. He heaved the dagger at the window pane, and she screamed in chat about why this was happening.

Xander and me tried to make a distraction to make him notice us. When he did, he heaved a wave of sharp knives at our bodies. We jumped and ducked over the maelstrom using one of the emotes they provided you in the server.

The smoke bothered me again, and it made me confused as to where it was coming from.

'cC' then heaved his knife at me, and my computer started to make loud noises. The program closed on its own. I then saw where was the smoke coming from—my computer!

The embers glowed. My keyboard melted and was completely charred. My monitor and CPU was scorched by the hot flames. All my data was lost. My homework, assignments, group projects, burnt to ashes. I took a fire extinguisher and stopped the fire.


This part, along with the rest of the story, will be written on a laptop, due to the incident regarding a computer. _____'s computer has mysteriously burnt, for an unknown reason.

We will try and look forward to this case, and find clues as to why this has happened.

We thank you for your patience.

_________ Police Department

3.5: Crash

Sequel to Chapter 2.5

Carlos's Robloxian sat on a brown chair. His blue hair was shone by the sun through the open window. His virtual self was holding a cookies n' cream treat.

The bus rocked and moved a lot. The passengers were really getting dizzy back there. Carlos's face was still grinning. He then realized that the bus he was riding in was also rocking to its side. He thought to himself that everything happening to him in the game was happening in reality.

The vehicle swayed left to right, trying to keep a good balance. Outside, he saw a red and blue Ferris wheel. The circle turned clockwise, and everyone on it were having a good time.

Suddenly, the bus toppled over. Glass shattered, and everyone was screaming. The yellow bus was laid flat on the ground by its side. The driver escaped the destruction from the window, and everyone else did too.

When Carlos motioned his Robloxian outside, he—


On The Screen

His phone still survived. Its screen flashed on, and a glimpse of his game was shown before the battery died.

WitchcraftxX (WxX): yo cheese waddup

iamanoriginalname (iaaon): cheese is here?!

iaaon: where?

BerryAwesome (BA): here at the bus crash

WxX: yup

iaaon: I SEE HIM OMG

A crowd started to form around his character.

WxX: how is it going admin

BA: yeah

cheeseCracker (cC): ...

iaaon: dont be silent!

cC: ...

BA: umm dude??

WxX: ??

DANTDMFAN999 (DT999): guys whats happening

iaaon: we dont knoiw, something weird is going on!

iaaon: *know

Carlos's phone then disconnected from the server.

(cheeseCracker has left the game)

DT999: dangit i missed him

iaaon: lol

DT999: hold on...

DT999: a bus crash here?

BA: i was bad at driving lmao

DT999: :P

iaaon: wow

WxX: you should learn how to drive

BA: yeah i guess so

BA: buses are hard to dri

(BerryAwesome has left the game)

4: Vengeance

With the laptop I am using right now, I decided to go back to Bunnyland. The problem was that my laptop was like a brick. A pile, to be specific. It took a long time to reach Roblox's web page. When I finally reached it after what seemed like hours, I did a tap on the search bar with the touch pad. I typed with my square-shaped letters about Bunnyland, but the game cannot be found.

But a forum post can be.

A few minutes ago, Xander posted something onto the Roblox forums. He typed in lots of details that a sane person could not believe. He told everyone what happened, from the 'cC' invasion to the melting of computers, and that he is playing on a friend's computer.

Of course no one believed him. Well, except for the witnesses. And you know exactly what I am talking about. The other members of the funeral.

Liam, Princess and 2 other guys who also got their computers charred talked about the situation when all of a sudden, the post got shut down.

Here is the post:

Xander1337 (5/19/20XX):


MoneyKing (5/20/20XX):

pfft your lying are you taking to much medication???? HAAHAH

PurpleLiam (5/20/20XX)

its true, so shut up moneyking

JamesThird (5/20/20XX):

you guys are inssane i thought you xcant use laptops in a mental institution

PrincessQueen (5/22/20XX):

james and money here are new to the situation and stuff so they wont understand even a word of this but it is true, and we are not taking drugs you lords

iamanoriginalname (5/23/20XX):


i mean, i met him as well, in bunnyland

Me (5/23/20XX):

go on, dude you mght be useful

That was where the forum thread stopped. I was in a heap of confusion. I went to his account page, and his blurb was about the exact incident, about some guy name BerryAwesome. He explained in a few details that he disappeared alongside with his account, and he didn't know why.

He messaged me about what happened after his actual death, and he actually explained a lot.

iamanoriginalname (5/23/20XX 3:17pm):

Subject: cheesecracker's death and another

finally i have someone to talk about this!

in bunnyland a guy named berryawesome was driving a bus like in the park and carlos was riding in it, and it crashed. carlos stood there and then disconnected, along with berry. berry's account was suddenly deleted, and searching his name will redirect you to cheesecracker, which was odd

i know berry irl, so i went to his house, and saw his parents sobbing. berry's body was actually found in his room, a knife poking from his chest, and a expression of fear on his face (is that right?) the police scanned the knife for fingerprints, but sadly none was actually found

idk if im describng this correctly, but i think i put alot of detail in this


Back to Bunnyland

Bunnyland opened up again, so I decided to come back for another play. The description changed, saying that a major "update" has been added. Out of curiosity, I clicked the play button.

When I spawned, something wasn't right. The ticket booths disappeared, and I had to pass through a large red gate. A sign hung from the top saying, "Forgive me". When I passed through, the sky became maroon. The merry-go-round came to a halt. No sound has been made. Then, cheeseCracker appeared in front. He stood there with his exact features, except his face has changed to blank.

I typed in chat, "I wish to speak.". He hesitated.

cC: Certainly.

M: what was it that made you angry?

cC: The bus.

M: perhaps become more exact?

cC: Everything I do here, affects me in real life. Only me. It's like the creator wants me killed.

M: woah

cC: Now that he died, I have rest in peace.

M: you dont have to kill to solve problems!

cC: Too late. He has angered my soul. He must die.

He stood back. His head faced upwards.

cC: Forgive me, dear Lord.

I didn't have the time to speak. The game crashed. The error message said, "RIP". Maybe his soul is back to normal. I went to the page of the game, and said that the platform wasn't supported. I didn't care, because I have escaped from his wrath.


As I woke up from my comfortable cushion, I almost forgot it was a Saturday. I jumped out of my mattress and combed my hair. I sat on my wooden chair and opened up my laptop. The Apple logo greeted me with their signature colours and looks. When it started up, I went to Safari and typed '' into the search bar. I logged in with my account and password. The home page also greeted me, this time with colourful thumbnails and advertisements telling me about killing newbies, and a short war comic.

I then remembered the adventure I had a few months ago. Immediately, I typed Bunnyland's name. But, I was left shocked. I checked every page, post and game only to find out that Bunnyland has disappeared. And cheeseCracker's account has vanished as well.

THE END! (to the longest and not-so-creepy story I wrote)


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