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Roblox Is one of my favorite online games. I would play it all the time when I'm bored. I loved playing roblox as much as I loved playing Minecraft! However, one day I discovered something that made me feel different about roblox.

About 3 months ago, I felt like playing one of my favorite games on roblox: Survive Epic Disasters. Sadly, the game closed down. I read the description to see why. It said, "ABANDONED IN 1999." I was getting confused from that. But I just assumed it was some sort of update for later. So I ignored it.

I was about to leave the game, but then I saw a game that really caught my eye. It said, "Since 1993." I assumed it would be based off of the old 1990's, so I decided to check It out. The description was...really odd. Here's what it said:

"Not much time saying this...I'm being hunted down. I was testing out some coding, but it wen't terribly wrong. I tried so much to stop it, but I couldn't. Whatever you do, DO NOT ENTER!!!"

I started to get the feeling that this was one of those horror games where you have to survive some weird creature that came from a failed lad experiment. I read the comments to see that they all said, "WHAT WAS THAT!!???" or "OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING!!?? DO NOT PLAY!!!" I was getting very creeped out from all this. Though there was one comment that got me very scared. It said:

"Guys...there's something going on....After I left the game, there was something on my computer..I'm scared... D:"

I was getting freaked out from this, so I decided to play the game. When I joined, I was shocked on what I saw. It was a picture of a head with a creepy smile, small human eyes, and bloody tears. All I heard was static. I was starting to get scared, so I decided to x out. When I clicked the X out button, My screen was glitching like crazy! When It finally closed, I saw a picture of The words, "SEE YOU SOON" with a black background for a few seconds. After that experience, I was paralyzed. I decided to leave roblox and go on YouTube to cheer me up.

A month later, I woke up to play on my computer. When I logged in, the screen turned black for a few seconds. When It finally loaded up, it showed a small video. I was starting to get confused, so I watched it. The video was extremely sloppy. It felt like it was made in the 1950's. The quality was a little ok, but it would turn blurry at some times. Anyway, the video showed a nice looking field with a house. There wasn't to much to see, but it would glitch out at times. Suddenly, a shadowy figure walked in. He walked kinda slowly. He also looked a little depressed. Eventually, he would sit down, covering his face. It almost looked like he was crying. After what felt like a minute of him sitting still, he got up and pulled out what I assume was a match. He put the match near the house behind him.

Suddenly, The screen started to glitch up, and emit static noises. Eventually, my whole laptop would do the same. I started to hear glitched up torture screams. I was starting to freak out. My laptop started to shake around a little bit, and it started to smoke a little. I was getting scared. I tried to turn it off, but it wouldn't work.(cliche |:|) I tried every single thing to turn it off, but that wouldn't work, either. I even tried to smash the laptop with my hammer but it was somehow, indestructible!

A few minutes later, my laptop started to calm down. The video that played was a film of a Burning House. The thing that creeped me out the most is that It almost looked exactly like my house. After the video ended, a photo of a robloxian popped up. It was me, hanging, with blood covered stains on my torso. The image was so gruesome, that I fainted.

A few hours later, my brother woke me up. A saw that my laptop was turned of, and cracked a little. Luckily, it was still working. I immediately went on Roblox to see if my character was ok. I cried tears of joy to see that he was. I searched up the game, "Since 1993", to see that it was still there, but it wasn't as creepy as expected. The description read, "Have fun! :P", and the comments were normal comments. Worried, I played the game.

The game was just a cool obby, with a 1990's gui effect. I was starting to assume that all the crazy stuff I've been through was all just in my mind. I left the game to see if Survive Epic Disasters was still available. It still was!

I was relieved that there was nothing bad happening. Suddenly, however, I got a message from someone named, "1999". The message said:

"I'm actually quite surprised. Not so many people live from this point on. I'm quite impressed. But don't think this is over. I'll be back soon!

From, Roblox"

So far, I didn't get any other sightings, or anything to do with 1999. But i'm still going be on the lookout. Until then, I will keep it cool. But I am still terrified from the horrible experience I had from 1999.

Story made by Agentpman1