I don't know what I could say about the experience I saw that day, and I don't think it will ever get out of my head, but for the safety for all you guys, I should tell you want I saw, so that way, you know what happened to me.

I was browsing the internet for some new games to play and I saw this one game call ROBLOX. Since my friends played ROBLOX, I guess I should give it a try, so I made my account and started playing, it was fun, but after about two weeks, I got bored because there was barely any games I could play, most games I played, I would get crappy frames and most games that I've seen that have cool game covers, are just flat out horrible. I was about to quit when I seen this one game that caught my eye, Catalog Heaven. That was a great game I played on ROBLOX since, I could use every gear that was in ROBLOX and try on any hats, packages, faces, and more, well, you get the image, don't you?

Then after I left Catalog Heaven, I figured that ROBLOX wasn't bad at all. The next day, after I got home from school, I decided to play some ROBLOX and try something different. After about two months and I started getting bored of ROBLOX until I got a message from a person called "Unknown User", and out of curiosity, I clicked his name to see what his character looked like. When it loaded, it showed that he had no shirts, no pants, nothing, not even a face. And his entire character was black, as if it was a shadow.

But something that scares me the most, this character had no collectibles, no badges, and no groups or wasn't even in a group. I went back to see what the message he sent me said, it had a link to a game, I copied it and put it in the search bar and it took me to a game called "a terrible mistake". When I saw that the cover of the game was blank and the game was made by "Unknown User". I pressed the play button but shortly after, my computer crash and I had to start it back up again, but when I did, what I saw, would surely scare me for the rest of my life.

To be continued...?

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