WeirdNOTICE: This may be my last Creepypasta. So Enjoy! WARNING: This Creepypasta May Be Confusing! So Try To Follow Along. For A (Possible) Last Creepypasta, I Thought I'd Make It Unique.

Ever noticed how EVERYTHING comes to an end? Life comes to an end, games come to an end, etc. Why? Why cant things be forever? I mentioned how games come to an end, here's why.

About everyone knows ROBLOX and it's messed up games. Eventually, they shut down. The sick games I play that encourage me to write these creepypastas were shut down, for a reason. Even the happiest of games on ROBLOX can be shut down. Maybe because someone reported them? Who knows? I do. Lately, I've noticed a lot of people have been reporting games. But they're just troll's right? Not exactly. What if random people were forced to report games just because deep down they didn't like it? It may sound stupid but, you never know.

I'll continue ranting about people reporting games later. For now, I must tell you a game I'll never forget. It's not exactly scary, but it was a good/scary/bad game. But the best part about the game was the description, which said:

Hello everyone. This is my last game, I've been getting a lot of hate for whatever reason. I cant take it anymore. The game is titled "The Grand Finale" for a reason. Bye guys. Hope you enjoy. -LolMan700

Best description ever. What confused me is that the game wasn't made by "LolMan700" it was made by "AwesomeDude0". I was curious to see what the game really was, so I got on. When I spawned into the game, I could hear the "Suicide Audio" from my Creepypasta "Roblox- ID". Weird, right? In the distance I could see "Nim" the zombie that ate me in "Roblox- Nightmare" and a few other characters in my creepypastas. After walking around a bit, I noticed a dead tree. The same one from "NightMareVille", you should know what Creepypasta that came from. I don't know why but, this game made me happy. Knowing someone would take little parts from my creepypastas and make them into a game.

After a bit of walking around I heard a bloodcurdling scream. It sounded the exact same scream I've explained in my other stories. What the hell was the guy who made this game thinking? I honestly don't know.

-To Be Continued Soon