Secrets are weird. Ever thought about secrets? There things you know, that you wont dare to tell anyone. I need to stop over-thinking it. Still, secrets are weird...

Ever wonder why people keep secrets? I do. Why do people keep there secrets hidden? Even from their family. ROBLOX does similar things, they have secrets. But they keep the secrets hidden from the general public. Why? I'll tell you why. ROBLOX is one of the darkest games you'll ever see. The scary games lurk in the dark corners of ROBLOX. Don't believe me? The stories I write, the games I play that convince me to write those stories. Just think about it, no game in the entire world is a ray of sunshine.

I went on ROBLOX one day. The top game was the Mad Murderer. I played it. When I joined I felt something wasn't right. After about a while of playing, I got bored. I wanted to leave, so I did. Before I left, someone sent me a friend request. I never got their game-name. I think it was something like "MinecraftNerd12". MinecraftNerd seemed like a noob, so I thought "I'll be nice" then I accepted it. After I left, he sent me a message saying:

We all have our secrets. What's yours?

I looked at the message with confusion, and I replied:

Why do you want to know my secrets? I only have A secret anyway.

There wasn't a reply. Which led me to think "Why, why, would he want my secrets...?". I wanted to take a break, so I did. I sat on my couch silently. I kept thinking about secrets and what they were. I heard a deep pitched scream, coming from my computer. I got back on my computer. I wish I didn't. I still didn't get a reply from MinecraftNerd. I removed him as a friend; he was messed up. I played Draw It! After awhile of playing I heard whispers then some scratching noises. When someone got the answer I heard a kid say " got the answer....-tremble- c-c-correct.....". Then I heard a kid scream, the scream of a temper tantrum. I got a head ache, so I quit the game.

I went onto the homepage, the background was black, and the names of the games were in white. Knowing how ROBLOX can make some shitty updates, I thought it was just a bad idea of an update. I clicked a game, then I heard a squeal. The game was made by ROBLOX, well, the person or profile for ROBLOX. when I got on, traced on the walls was a poor guy named "MinecraftNerd12" being brutally killed. Wait a second...I know MinecraftNerd. Did ROBLOX try to kill him? I got off of the game and played Roblox' Top Model. When I got on, ROBLOX also got on. ROBLOX kept putting in the chat "I'm coming Csskitty!". A shiver went down my spine. I left the game after ROBLOX saying that 16 times.

I got a friend request from ROBLOX. I accepted because why not? It's the creators of ROBLOX! I was invited to their party, (on ROBLOX) so I accepted it. We joined a game called "Death For Csskitty!". I noticed it was ROBLOX! Why do they hate me? When we got on, it was me, in real life, torn to pieces on the wall. Organs and everything. I was sickened by this brutal act. I walked around and on one of the walls it had my home address. I panicked, then heard a knock on my door.

When I opened it, a guy in a shirt saying "Kill Csskitty!" was there. I looked at him worriedly. I slammed the door shut and ran into my room. I curled in a ball on my bed, ready to cry. I heard a ring from my IPhone. I answered it, to my relief it was just my friend "Surffergurl" or, Riley. She kept mumbling about some guy named "David". I was scared, and I wanted, or felt like I HAD to get back on ROBLOX. She shrieked and hung up. So I went onto my computer, but before I did I looked out for the man. He was gone.

I got onto my computer, and I was still on ROBLOX. I joined "Speed Run". When I got on I played happily. But I saw someone in the chat say:


I sat there in a stunned silence and I said:


She replied:

"Some dude named "MinecraftNerd12 told me!"

I sat there then left the game. I got a message from ROBLOX saying:


I logged out of ROBLOX. I was done. Just done. I never saw the man knocked on my door ever again. I never heard of someone named "David" again. My friend Riley is fine now. My life is back to what is was like before. Like I said, secrets are weird. But now I get it, we have to keep our secrets to ourselves. ROBLOX even has secrets. One day, someone will find out and we'll understand how dark ROBLOX really is. But I still want to know, how did "MinecraftNerd12" find out my secret?

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