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Chapter 1 ~ Synchronization ♥︎

My computer seemed off that day. It kept lagging. Something that completely baffled me was earlier, when I was quietly watching a video, a notification came up. All it stated was "Error 666 completely10&= I know where you live: watch out :&291 ". I immediately closed it and took a long moment to check my recent pop - ups in case something similar happened before. Nope. Nothing. To get my mind off of the happenings, I decided to play ROBLOX. My most favorite game at that time was Prison Life. For some reason it was very intense and that's what I adored about it. After maybe half an hour, I was feeling depressed. This almost never happened, since I was a naturally bubbly person. I logged out, and started at the screen blankly. Lastly, I fell asleep, and had the most horrid dream. I was strapped to a leather chair, and around me were stains of white. As peculiar as this sounds, everything was just how I'm describing it. Only moments after, I could feel a presence. I tried to twist around, but the ropes only tightened. Then, something crawled beneath me. A black, shadowy figure that jumped and slowly started stabbing me with its sharp blades.

Chapter 2 ~ A Beforehand Realization

I awoke, screaming. I could almost feel the sharp swords piercing through me, and then coming right out in a horrible, painful manner. Now I had a weird desire to play more ROBLOX. So I did. But I regret every moment of it. When I clicked launch, everything started twirling around me. I blinked several times, and when my vision returned, I saw that I was in the ROBLOX loading screen. Only this time, it was actually I, not my character. The letters were written in a bloody font. "Welcome, Are You Ready To Discover The Horrors?" The floor beneath me was black, and the walls were filed with decapitated victims. On the right, the instructions read, "You must find the hidden limb, look and lure, but don't you peek. You have thirty seconds, and if not then, I'll hang you up on the wall along with the other helpless humans that were chosen to die. Only you have an option to survive. Your time starts now. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock," I searched behind letters and under corpses, gasping for air every time I saw the concentrated blood drip down, leaving a discusting oder. Then, to my horror, the timer stopped. A deep voice spoke up from behind the shadows. "Your time is up. Prepare to die, Gregory." Everything flashed before my eyes, and I was teleported to a regular, peaceful, stone house. Something pushed me up the stairs, and into your typical bedroom. There lay a ROBLOX woman, and beside her a male. The woman creeped up and grabbed a knife from her closet. Then, she started stabbing the husband while crying and hollering. When she finished, she threw the body out the window and shot herself.

Chapter 3 ~ Nowhere To Hide, Nowhere To Hide

Thoughts fluttered through my head like alarmed butterflies. What if the woman had a child? What if, What if? I was too ignorant to see what I would be put through next. Now I was in their living room, and the front door was locked. I could hear the woman slowly stepping down the stairs, while whispering, "Mommy's coming. If I find you, you're dead. If I find you you're dead. IF I FIND YOU YOU'RE DEAD." I had to run. I raced and slid under the couch. When the girl was finally downstairs, she walked toward the cushions, exactly where I was hiding. Sadly, I didn't hear the footsteps, and she ducked to look where I was curled up in a little ball. "I FOUND YOU." Her face was pale, with splatters of blood and flesh. But most alarmingly, her expression completely blank. She dragged me out, and killed me. If you took a moment, and wondered HOW I am writing this story? Well, would you like to find out?

If you read this, it is already too late. Tonight, at exactly 3:03 A.M., the same woman who slaughtered her husband will appear in your room. If you look into her eyes, you and your whole family will be killed. And your cries will be silenced, since you would no longer exist. You might think, "This isn't true! Ha, what a batch of nonesense! " Well, every time you say this is bogus, the scarier the woman becomes. Oh no, she's here. Helw/9-&/$:!/&-@-&/&/&/&/.!.!!!

Look Behind You.

( The last part was included for an extra frighten. But it may be true.. ;) )