Hello it's koopa again and today I discovered the secret behind roblox here it is

I was playing roblox and I had lots of fun until I saw a message in my inbox when I open the message my pc crashed I was confused when I turned my pc back on I saw the 404 page but instead of builderman it was a picture of my robloxian hanging by a pole I was terrified and I turned off my pc after that the mailman came to my house and give me a letter it was for me and it was from roblox but the letter was really creepy

this is what the letter said: YOU WERE A NICE VICTIM WE ALWAYS LIKE TO HAUNT YOU NOW WE ARE COMING TO KILL YOU SEE YOU AROUND:O_O I was shocked that roblox is actually a murderer

so everyone that plays roblox be careful because you might get a message that says the same thing that the letter I got see ya later everyone :UPDATE: when I called roblox I told them about the letter and they said it was a prank to scare you we just want to do it for fun: that really pissed me off I was so mad so I gave them crap

and they said sorry: I was still angry but i accept they're apologize if they don't do it again and they said we won't do it again we promise: I don't believe them I think they will prank me again someday but I'm keeping a eye on them to this day that's all for now goodbye

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