By DastardlyMyther


Unlike all the other stories on this lovely little wiki, This one is a true story my friends, Unlike others Like The Fake Telamon, FormatMe123, And Don't Join. I had just gotten up, Brushed my teeth, Ate breakfast.

And It was Sunday, So I decided to play Roblox then go out and hang out with my friends, I got some message from this person I assume is a girl due to the name being "Alice23103" A normal name, Nothing special, Nothing scary.

Anyway the message's Subject was "hi" I expected it to be one of those things that said "come here 4 free robux and tix!" that would end up giving you a virus.

Nope, In the message it was just simply "hi" I simply replied "do i know u?" And I got a reply almost instantly saying "no i am alice23103" I also got a friend request from her, I did not accept it right away though.

I sent her a message saying "ok why r u messaging me? have we met before?" Another instant response from her, saying "i wanna be ur frend nd no u have not met me b4" I did not message her back and declined the friend request as I had not met her anyway.

Later on after having some fun on Roblox, I decided to stop playing and read trollpasta's (If you do not know what those are they are parody's of creepypasta's and are not child friendly so I do not recommend viewing them.) And I saw one named "Roblox - Teh Newb Who did not accept friend" I thought wow, A roblox trollpasta.

It was just weird, This is what it said.

"i wuz plyin roblox nd tis newb naemed Infinity 888 wood not accept my frend qest so i told him 2 go cath ebola virus and then lolskepticals came out and ated him for not being my friend and then i banned him off roblox 4 lyfe cuz i no gabe newell nd hes very meen nd then he pooped on me after playing sega.exe nd then i red 5 nights at poopies and died and then banned infinity888 in real life and then a spooky skeleton came out and ated him 2 and then i got scurdd by it ad killd it ded

nd when i woke up i got spooked and got killed by evil patrixx u dix


Well, My name on Roblox is Infinity888...

Here is a link for it by the way.


So, After that comical event, I went on Roblox (What a surprise!) to see it was hacked, All the games were titled "Death" and the thumbnail for them was this (I managed to screencap it)


So after seeing that I decided to just stop and do something else.


More to come.

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