Experiment #AAA0001 or also known as Experiment 1 took place on December 22nd, 2013 to January 22nd, 2014. It was the first and only experiment ROBLOX did so far.... Itwas considered to be an experiment conducted by the ROBLOX staff to test the accuracy and intelligence of the newly created Bot Subjects.

Two unknown volunteers were supposedly chosen by the staff to be tested. They were asked to join an unknown named server and were told to stay there for a month non - stop. The game contained a cell with 2 bots and the volunteers were also asked to interact with the non - playable - characters. It was then that the experiment begun.

The first two weeks went fine. As for the volunteers, they were actually communicating with the bots. It seemed that the volunteers actually enjoyed talking to the bots since the 4 would talk on for 8 hours straight. The staff observed every action made by the bots to see how advanced it is. Nothing other was recorded after that.

The third week went strangely. The volunteers begged to the moderators that they couldn't take it any longer. One tried to leave the game, but a script blocked him/her from doing so. When asked about why they wanted to leave, the 2 volunteers denied to tell and wept in the corners of the cell. The staff were puzzled, for which the bots looked fine and didn't seem to look like they would haunt anyone.... Direct supervision was later called for that week.


The fourth week seemed to went fatal. When the supervision shift began, the 2 volunteers were gone. Looking everywhere, the staff couldn't find a clue on where they went. While they began to search around, they noticed that the 2 bots were stained with smeared charcoal. It was unknown where the smeared charcoal originated and the staff had nothing to do other than call off the experiment. Before they closed the camera attached on top of the cell, they described on what it appears to be a bot...

...directly staring at the camera

...with two severed legs being dragged behind it...