Roblox has some pretty interesting accounts But, This one was the creepiest one we've found.. Let me get straight into the story. It started with me seeing him in a random roleplaying game, he's silent most of the time and when he actually talks he just says random words or random numbers, he usually just stands still or when sometimes when your on the game he will move around and sometimes he actually peforms a full on sentence, He doesn't come up in the people or libary search, its possible to find his account to be nice Im gonna give you guys a link to his acount But seriously try finding him by searching he doesn't come up. By the way the picture is the decal he morphs into in a game called cul de sac a game where you can morph into anything this is all he morphs into, cul de sac is the game where i encountered him im sure hes in other games too, and yes this is a true story if you go to cul de sac you may encounter him sometimes!