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Read Before Reading!

This pasta is 100% fake, and is ALSO a follow-up to my first pasta "The Red House of Horrors".


this is also really bad, the first one is better.

The Pasta - Rooms 1-3

It took me a while before I wanted to go back. The house that freaked me out was away from my mind until a friend "SarahCoolestOne" asked me if I wanted to go back. I know what happens when people chicken out on that stuff, so I went back in, this time bringing my friends who didn't see the full thing, "BlazedandCrazed" and "XPlayer337". We all stepped inside, eager to see new horrors. In fact, most of it was still the same. The Smile.JPG was still there, in the same spot, being hung like a portrait. We looked in there for a while. The place had edits. For one thing, the basement was removed. The attic was bigger, probably due to the loss of basement rooms. We had only just STARTED looking around for creepy clues. We had seen so many recent-looking stuff! Even for a video game! We had found a door labeled 'CREEPY FUN HOUSE'. Fun houses were already creepy, so me and Sarah went in that one, and the others went into one called 'THE BLACK HOLE/VOID'. The fun house consists of creepy clowns and a couple locked doors. The doors seemed empty from the outside view. When me and Sarah exited the room, X and Blaze were gone. They were on the server. But we couldn't find the bodies ANYWHERE! The back void room was just endless darkness. Until later....

Room 3

What was the weirdest and freakiest thing yet was the third room. It showed realistic pictures of children in pain, looking almost dying. The room was just titled 'THE LAST JOINERS TO THIS SERVER'. The shocking thing was that I had to look up if 'joiners' was even correct.

The Fourth Room


This room was titled 'MEAT YOUR FATE!'. Me and Sarah knew that it would most likely be creepy inside. I found X hiding. He said a monster was on the loose. We had to hide - quick! Out of NOWHERE! a monster appeared. We had all hid, so it was okay. He checked the next door - and in the chat, Blaze said "Help! The Monster came!" X and Sarah rushed over to the next door, room 5.

Room 5: The Cloning Room

I was alone in Room 4, so I checked on my friends. The fifth room kinda confused me. Basically, to clone yourself, you must step inside of the machine. Once your inside, you have to do a series of tests about your DNA. Which made NO sense, due to the fact that is was a video game. It also, had to take 2 to 3 minutes for your clones or clone to be made.

The Story of the Rooms

And when I saw the monster in the room, well, no one saw it yet. We all had still been on the server, so that was better than last time. We had a player named "TheHackerofHaxing193" join our server. In the chat, he told us a story of how the rooms were created. And he was proud to see we found his special game. The house as a whole was created as some sort of way to attract players, to make friends. His account with the friend limit got hacked into and he wants revenge. He got back into his account, but named "Hacker" to be left with. The black hole was a place where only one player would be allowed to enter at a time - some sort of privacy hole. But everyone left - even a favo(u)rite map could be left behind. He created the monsters that roamed the halls, so if a player who made a mistake to enter would meet a fate. I had asked why the basement was removed. He was surprised to hear I was in in the earlier stage. Me and Sarah explained that we had all been in before, beside Blazed, who seemed to REALLY need to listen to know, as he was the least experienced. The final question asked was....drumroll......from Sarah............."Why don't you change your name back?!". He claimed to be cursed, unable to change from Hacker. He left and said "'ll crash.....find each other and have a great story time gain ;)!". It crashed - just like the first time.....

The End of the Story!

Story's over. I know, i know, it was awful......... PLZ GIVE FEEDBACKK!!!

The Stuff I Never Said

I said stuff. Like the "MEAT YOUR FATE" room. I never said much about it and I probably never will. But maybe If some people like these I'll make it as a third as well....

Future Plans

I am using aspects of this story in my most recent pasta: Horror's Server and maybe others. So yeah. PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK!!!! SOMEONE!! ANYONE??!!