Done. Shadow couldn't take being held as a slave for Ubooly. She went up to someone and said "I've been waiting." Like ubooly knew, Shadow's powers were strong to be able to take control of her own person. Shadow looked at a small piece of paper and hid it.

"Shadow?" Grizzly shouted. "SHADOW?" Grizzly shouted even louder. She knelt down to her big sister's bed and sobbed. Their mom and dad had passed away in a fire. When Grizzly came home one day Shadow was missing. And then she found the lifeless body of Shadow laying under her bed. Ever since then Grizzly stayed home all day and hoped maybe her sister would wake up and they could have a good laugh.

It came true, but not like she planned. In her Grizzly's dream she caught a glimpe of Shadow crying. Grizzly awoken, puzzled. She felt mislead. Finally, Grizzly did was Shadow had taught her. To run away from your problem. Grizzly ran away from her life. Finally retreating to a small mountain cave where she stayed until she was 14. She didn't dare set foot anywhere away from the mountain.