I remember the day I encountered the mysterious account. They call it Residue, as they think it's the remaining fragment of a player who was deleted for scamming and exploiting. The real name of the account is "req052097054102" but every day the account's name changes. At one point it was "horyu4587247533" and another time it was "qitrbx46742578" almost as if it was speaking to us.

There isn't much photo/video proof of him around because exactly 6 minutes after the proof is uploaded anywhere, it's changed to a photo of some strange pattern. However, if secured enough, the proof can successfully reside without change. When he enters your game, the leaderboard adds a new line, but the new line is blank.

Encounter story

A while ago, I was playing some Catalog Heaven when everyone suddenly died at the same time. My friends were with me, too. A few minutes later, it happens again. But this time, a blank line on the leaderboard appeared, and so did a new Catalog Heaven safezone. Strangely, the safezone had irregular pattern textures, with the exception being the force field. I teleport to the battlefield, and there he is. In case you don't know what he looks like, his face is missing and some body parts are fragmented. I try to kill him, but I die instead and it counts my hit on him as a KO. Then, he teleported up to my spawnpoint, and left. I was relieved, at least until he came back and spawned in my safezone. Then it happened. The skybox began glitching out and everyone was getting loopkilled until eventually all our clients crashed.

I haven't seen him since. However, every day I feel as if he's there, watching everyone's movements. Before my client crashed, I caught his name. It was "qitthgm3468."