Renderguest : (Actual Player, based on a true story)

Hello, my name is nanubot and I have something to tell you Robloxians. What you're about to read is real, and may happen to any average player. Reading this highers the risk of being it's next victim. You have been warned!

I was building a training place for one of my groups that I now quit. My friends trained here until something odd happened.

December 1, 2013 (ROBLOX)

My friends joined the game. It took an oddly long time to load, and I could've sworn when I was in the loading screen it said: "Beware". It was on-screen for only seconds, then my character finally loaded. My friends were there but they were frozen in a the /e dance2 pose, exactly like when your game shuts down and everyone freezes besides yourself. I chatted 'Guys?' No answer. I thought the game was shutting down, but I didn't know why. It didn't shut down. I looked around and I saw a guest. The guest didn't show up an the leaderboard, on the 'ROBLOX' text on his shirt was bloody. He stared at me and said, 'yawa nuR". I stared at the chat bubble and my screen started to blur and the static screen (from Slenderman) shown up. My game crashed and when I exited to my profile my game was deleted. My group was gone, and my blurb read 'tseugredneR'. I changed my blurb and activated a random one of my games and i searched up my group name. No results. I was horrified. I hadn't played ROBLOX in a while, until a while back. Some of my friends might've saw on my status 'I quit ROBLOX due to a serious sickness.' I lied, the truth was I was to scared to play. I came back early 2014, finally ready to ignore my fears and return to the game.

(If you look his name up, an account will show up. One of my friends made that account for tribute to my story, but often the account comes online by itself mysteriously and goes to the places we've been at recently... like he was trying to follow us. If you have seen him in-game or see him come online please tell me in the comments and I will try to delete the account somehow... remember, this can happen to anyone.)