Shedletsky's 2006 haunted mansion was and still is one of my favorite maps, i really like how many secrets there are to explore.

So recently i decided to join a server, the game is always empty so i joined alone, eventually nothing happened, as the game has not been updated ever since it realesed, but i enjoyed walking around looking at each amazing detail.

Then i started looking at the tools the game gives you, theres a pumpkin, a rocket, a ghost and a weird red door thing, but there is one tool that caught my attention, an empty space, all of the tools are broken and useless, so i couldnt know what any of them did, but i had a feeling the empty space actually was doing something, and i can swear i saw a realoading sign once.

eventually i started looking if clicking on stuff with the tool would do something, like unlock a secret nobody knew about or something like that, beacouse as we all know haunted house is filled with secrets, eventually in the secret room thats down the redroom staircases i actually did something, by clicking in one piece of paper the tool image changed into a key, and when i used it, it made me join another game, just like a teleporter would do.

The game was called "Shed" and took its time to load, when i joined, i spawned in a square room with black colored blocks, just as i joined an "npc" called "Admin" started walking to me, he looked like a transparent noob, but had a glitched face on it, sorta like if it had alot of face decals placed over it, he acted like a zombie so i walked away from it, eventually when i found out nothing was happening i let it catch me, it played that classic jumpscare sound but at a really high pitch and volume, it actually managed to scare me a bit, after that it killed me, i quickly respawned and died again, over and over and over again,i got a badge that said "YoU DiD iT!!!!!!!" that i actually cant find in my badge list at all, the server started lagging and eventually roblox crashed, error message instead of saying "an unknown error has happened and roblox has to quit, we're sorry!" it just said "BlAMe joHn###", i tried to do all of that again, thinking that there may be another secret to "shed", but the door to the mansion just wouldnt open, and to this day it still wont open, if anybody finds out how to open it, please tell me.

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