Forever dead is the game we once jumped,

Would have been great if it wasn't for that hump.

Round and round going in spheres,

The day finally came, all thanks to our fears.

Louder than the night was the sound we all sensed,

We cried at the door as our parents seemed cleansed.

The fire smelled like fall, and the silence was like shade.

Under the soil was the mistake we have made.

The game was the end, the end of not the game.

Away from the road, was because of its fame.

Focus on the lights while the angry man swept.

Without help, without an answer, soon we have wept.

We ran with the jar, the suspense seemed dull.

Another understatement, we opened that bowl.

The ash was like smoke, it bent, it curved.

We wanted a reason, an answer to be served.

My sister they wanted, my sister they will get.

It was hard to keep up with all her racket.

"Yes," I replied. The ashes start to smile.

I was finally happy.. blood on the tiles.

"ROBLOX," says the icon. Proud with its name.

The letters to the way, they finally came.

The game was the end, not the end of the game.

I was an hour close, I didn't feel lame.

"Loading game.." it says with blood red rage.

"We can do this together, despite your age."

"We know you love the game, and you know that we do."

"The road's just as smooth, just imagine the red hue."

"A message you want, a message you will get."

"We know you can make it, the date's been set."

"Give us our key, and we'll be satisfied."

"If you love us, prove it, or else you have lied."

My flesh was as soft. Liquid's as flow.

I will make them both happy, despite me going sow.

I will make up for the reason this event has taken place.

A knife, a chair, a camera, and a lace.

I wanted their mercy, a payment they demand.

"Give us 5 times more than your hand."

"Joining server," the text looked like crime.

Out of time, out of time, I'm out of time.

"Well done, son, you are now with us."

The ashes start to bleed as I started to hear cops.

"Take my hand, this is the last way through."

I did as they said, the end of the queue.

They were real, I knew, I said to myself.

I was almost there, I felt like an elf.

Their nails were like teeth, their hands were as cold.

Their teeth were like nails, the chills like a hold.

Though I had little left, they continued their meal.

I bless the game, for they I can now feel.