ROBLOX is a game that I loved to play as a kid. The simplicity and humble nature of a game. The community and the structures of gameplay were all good. I had recently been graduated from an IT student, so back then I did not have any time to play the game. But now, I had lots of free time to do so.

So I tried to play the game again, and so far I am very not used to the WASD keys rather than the arrow ones. ROBLOX had a huge reputation of ruining itself and trying to repair the aesthetics at the same time. I glanced at the Game page, It had a new "modern" style with games that were more interesting than the last time I remembered.

I ran the cilent website and broke it down to examine its code. While examining the code, I saw something, strange.


It read, standing out from the other lines of code. A cold shiver came from my back as I felt, to this day, I dont know what I truly felt.

I tried saving the image but would stop even though I tried to have a good connection with my internet. I used Firefox and it, worked. Unfortunately, I had to see the worst. A user (presumably shedletsky) in black and white with red, blood eyes. It felt very errie, as his eyes looked at me, lifelessly. a small amount of cool air blew unto my direction, I shivered and tried to close the image and threw it into the Recycling Bin. I started to hear my computer making disc noises, even though it was perfectly fine. I turned off my computer and went into my bed. I felt that someone was watching me, from my small window. I just can't forget it. It felt horrible.

A dream came to me. Eyes followed me into my dream, they were lifeless, and the blood that spiled from the bottom of those eyes still flow.

I woke up, I didn't know why, I just woke up.