I was trying to find a game to play... Lots of those clickbait "Do Not plays" But then I saw one that caught my attention. "Rander" Its thumbnail was pure darkness and no description. There was 10 people playing it so I went to servers to find the biggest one. There was one server with the 10 people playing and 20 max people. I joined and everybodys name was Rander,Rander1,Rander2,Rander3,ETC. It kept going until Rander10. All of them were lined up in order saying words. I don't remember the exact words since this happened to me about 2 months ago. They were talking about there lord or savior. But then I realized. Where was "rander"? He was in the server but not lined up. I saw a spec in the sky and he was coming closer...and closer...and closer... I was creeped out so I tried to move my mouse. It was stuck. I could see everything happening but I couldnt turn my computer off or do ANYTHING. When he was really close I tried to turn it off but he touched me. I exploded and respawned. I could now move. I tried to exit out and turn the computer off but I could only move. i tried to run but he caught up...Grabbed me...And dropped me onto the pedestal. They spoke words and my username...Changed...To Rander11.

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