I had a pretty great day today at school. I was bullied, but, that was the least of my matters, because I found a new game called ROBLOX! It's super fun. My favorite game was Work At A Pizza Place. It was a bit laggy, but eh. That didn't change my mind. I made some friends in game too.


It's christmas! I started my day by playing roblox. I found this cool game called "Reason 2 Die: Reborn". It's really fun, but what's funner is Apocalypse Rising! It's like DayZ, but free. My cousins are coming, but I want to keep playing... But PRESENTS!


It's me birthday! I got a cool gift card for Starbucks, except I don't drink coffee. I'm a little sick of ROBLOX. Suprised it got boring after 3 months. I moved on to other games.


I was going to write a journal entry a while ago, until I noticed something strange. I see the word ROBLOX everyday. I thought this could have been a coincidence, but for 2 months straight, it shows up all the time. I scanned for virus, but it was nothing. I might be going insane.


Oh gosh. I just saw a picture of myself with my mouth cut open, with my eyes gouged out. I threw up ALOT. I found it on this website called "yourself in 20 years". That's really disturbing, as I'm pretty young to die.


I talked to the police about this, and they said the website was never real. Strange, but true. They told me to stay indoors and that they will perform some stakeout to catch whoever was planning on killing me.


About time it was new years. Police stopped doing stakeouts, and I was safe. I don't know why, but I got this hoodie of ROBLOX. I ordered one a long time ago, but it came today. Strange.


I'm petrified. My mother died in a car crash, yet nobody knows how it started. Since she died. No presses were charged to anybody. If only I could kill whoever did this.


I went to my mothers funeral. I pretty much cried the whole day. I decided to go to the restroom to sob, but I saw a big red and white R on the wall. Graffiti? Maybe we were low on budget.


After a long while now, things have gotten better. I wanted to hang out with my friends, so we played a bit of RHS (Roblox High School) together. I was enjoying it but then my computer suddenly crashed and the screen turned black. I then saw the ROBLOX logo written in blood on the screen. I got freaked out and ran to my friend's house. I kept hearing "you shouldn't have quit ROBLOX" over and over again. Was I going insane? I was really freaked out since I quit ROBLOX a long time ago and this is happening now?

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