Before you read: Okay, so yeah, this is a trollpasta (obviously). I created it to capture how I would write a scary story about Roblox when I was just a little kid. I wanted it to seem as if I were in-game typing in the chatbox, which explains my very "Robloxian" style grammar, however, I did over-exaggerate it for comedic purposes. Most of that grammar kicks-in towards the second half of the story because a moderator (or regular user, I'm not sure) edited it so you can kind of read it better. I am saying all of this because I just want to put this monstrosity that I have written behind me so I can stop thinking about it. If you want me to re-edit the story with its original grammar, then feel free to ask me in the comments. Thank you and enjoy the story.

- / Matthew

Hi, my name is Joey (not giving out my real name or username). I've been a Robloxian since 2005. ROBLOX is my life, and I would give anything to meet Builderman himself. I guess I should respawn from the beginning.

It was 2009, and I was trying to hack Telamon's account (you noob,s now call him Shedletsky) through some exploits in te login. I came across a YouTube video that has a tutorial about "Robux Generator 2009 NOT PATCHED BULDERMAN DOESNT KNOW THES DON TELL HIM!1!"

The instructions were weird; it told me to download an exe file and then delete System 32. Now, I wasn't stupid or anything. I knew downloading an exe file coud get a virus on my Windows Xp System. So I started Malwarebytes and then downloaded the exe file.

The Window opened like all other Robux generators. It had a gray bg and a comic sans text and a few boxes to enter an amount. It also had a pic of a ROBLOX noob in the middle of it. It told me to give my username, so I did, and I also entered my amount. It instantly said: 'ROBUX ADDED TO ACCOUNT'

I didn't believe that it was true, so I log on to my ROBLOX account, and to my surprise, I had over 999999 robux (the max amount you can get, duh). I was shocked, I had at least tried 200000000000000000 of these things. None of them ever worked!!1!1!!1!!!

I went on a spending spree. I bought all of the cool Dominous hats and all VIP shirts for my favourite games. I also bought a TON of gear including the first gear ever made. I was really happy. It was awesome. Everyone was sending me friend requests left and right! At the end of the day, I logged out of my now OP roblox account, and said good night to my computer (LOL...I know you do it too) and I went to bed.

The next day after i got out frum high school, i ran up 2 my room, but my mom said i had 2 do the dishes. i did the dished and went up 2 play roblox. i logged on 2 my account. i dint notice @ first, but my char's face turned frum the happy face, to a frownie face. i went and changed that. i play roblox and i am happy, so my char is happy.

there was 1 thing that i also noticed, and it waz werd. my robux wuz almost gon!!1! i opend up teh robux gen and typed in my amount tht i needed. this tiem, the roblox noob in teh window had frownie faece :(. i ignord it an continued to buy more itums.

"shooooooooot!!1!!1! i forgot 2 put up teh dishes!1!!" i ran down stair to put away teh dishes. i got finished and ran bacj upstair to continue teh game i was in.

almos immederately after i moved my char, teh game i wuz in crashed. i wuz so mad!!1!!11! i wuz playin "Heli Wars: Desert Attack" and my base wuz gettin blown up!!

i went to play "Person299's Mnigames". teh gaem had a bunch of graphic gletches on my window. this wuz stupid since i has a 3 gtx titan Xs in meh custom built haxintosh. i got mad agin. i looked at meh robux balance, an it wuz 0 again!!!1!11!!!! my tix were gone 2!!!1!1!!!!

i open my r$ generator, an one again the n00b had a frownie faZe. i knw it wuz teh gener's falt, so i had no choose but 2 del it off my PC.

i right click the app and hit delete. as an extra percauctionary meaZure, i right clicked on my recycle bin and hit "empty recycle bin"...

it wuz now 1am, and i logged back in roblox. ALL OF MY CHARZ ITEMS WAS GONNNEEE!11!!!!!!!11!!!!1! i wuz peed off by thes. i went to my char page an it waz the roblox defalt noob. he had a frownie faZe again. thes time, i could not chang it........ i saw in my PMs that i haz three new messages. i clicked teh message icon.

Teh first message said: "Stop..."

teh second said: "Stop, you are making me sad :("

teh third say: "I am sorry...."

then liek 30000 command promt wins open up an a bunch of xpert haxing codes (that i know, of coarse) started running everywhere on meh screen!!1 then, teh screen began ta turn a dark redish hew. teh screen began to gletch and meh computer made beepin noizes.

a dissfigyured noob appear on teh screen.

when i try to taek a screensh0t, my haxintosh's keyboard stopped werkin. when i try to turn off my MLG haxintosh, an electrisital cerrunt shocked me rly hard. mai finger wuz bleeding. i tried to turn mai haxintosh off agin, but it shocked my finger agin!1!!!1!111

i lay on my fl00r, crying in pain. i was basicly paralized. in a blur, i look up at my haxintoshs screen. the n00b had a smily faZe. my PC then shut 0ff, and never wrked agin.


so i happned 2 hav a flshdrive pluged in to my haxintosh, i found it little bit ago, an it happen to saev teh screenshot i took!1!!11!!



sry 4 meh bad englesh, im germainian

and plz dont taek this down. im not a trol so stop being haters :\

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