What if I told you that the people who created ROBLOX are holding a secret? What secret, you ask?

What If I told you that most popular users on ROBLOX (i.e Shedletsky, jackintheblox, most admins) were A.Is made to allude into ROBLOX, what If i told you that most players in games are simply bots, yes, even the ones that say "123 for a gf".

you might be asking the question, what about the twitch streams and such, well, the people are just paid actors, to tell the truth, they have no access to "their" ROBLOX accounts, and the gameplay is prerecorded, made for the illusion that they are actually playing.

The truth is that in each game server, at least half of the population in the server are bots.

I'm only saying this to tell you to be careful what you say on a ROBLOX game, because these bots can be deadly to your computer, they could install a deadly virus and malware on your computer if you're not careful enough...

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