November 29th 2014

I Started playing this game named ROBLOX, my friend told me about it so I hopped on my computer and searched 'ROBLOX' I then found the site and made a username named 'Gameboy20451'. I went to a game called 'Robloxity' and I walked around, I saw all of these people that looked awesome because of their clothes. My clothes looked meh, I had some weird hair and a shirt and pants. I became a cop and I was walking around and I heard people in the chat saying "run!" and "hacker hacker!!!!" I got confused by these people but I went along. I soonly met another person, who was simply named 'JacksBack12' who looked like me, a noob. We had a chat and he sent me a friend request. I accepted it then I then realized everybody was leaving the game. I Was really confused at that moment so I was about to leave the game because I had to go soon because I was going to hang out with my friends, but then JacksBack12 left the game. So I was the only one on the server but somebody else. I Tried to leave but I couldn't I shut down my computer. I Didn't play for the rest of the day.

November 30th 2014

It was 1:32 PM and I got home from the movie theater. I Got on my account on ROBLOX. I Remembered the bizarre event from yesterday with the hacker. My account said I had 20 Tickets, whatever that meant. Then there was a message from 'JacksBack12' it said this: "Leave ROBLOX, Leave ROBLOX, LEAVE ROBLOX." I Ignored that message and I played a game named 'Jaws' because I was a fan of the movie. It was fun but everybody seemed to be avoiding me. Later I got a Party Invite from JacksBack12, I accepted and I had this weird chat. Jacksback12: Hello.

Gameboy20451: hi!

Jacksback12: I Want you to leave ROBLOX, now.

Gameboy20451: uhhhhh lol no.

Jacksbacks12: I Warned you.

Gameboy20451: whats with the grammar

-Jacksback12 leaves the party-

Then I thought of it, could Jacksback12 be that hacker? He wasn't acting like himself today. Before I left I bought Jeans and a ROBLOX University shirt by a person named ROBLOX (It wasn't expensive!) I then left the game and went offline.

It was 7:22 and I was getting ready for my vacation that I am going on tomorrow for one week. So I won't be playing ROBLOX and with updates.


December 9th 2014

Hi, sorry for the lack of updates. I Just got back from school I Was on my Winter Vacation and I am going to play ROBLOX. So the

first thing I noticed was my character was all red, the clothes I was wearing was gone. I Changed back into my character and played games. I Don't know why but in a game people acted weird. I Tried to ignore it I later noticed the place that says 'Friends' now says 'Dead' I freaked out and shut down my computer, because maybe it was a bug. At school I saw my two friends Eric and Ryeike and Kanon this is my conversation with them. Also note these are the freinds that told me to play ROBLOX. And my name is Jake in real life.

Eric: Hi, Jake! Did you finally start playing ROBLOX?

Kanon: Yeah, did you?

Me: Uh, yeah I do its a bit freaky, with the 'Dead' instead of 'Friends'

-Eric, Kanon and Ryeike sort of looked around like 'what?-

Ryeike: Um, anyways you should add us.

-I Gave them my ROBLOX username and they told me theirs-

Eric: Well, your weird!

Me: What?

Eric: You say something about dead instead of friends!

Me: Yeah, it happened!

Kanon: Eric, he is just joking around.

Ryeike: Okay, also do you know who JacksBack12 is?!

Me: Uh, yeah...

-They all exchanged looks of worried-

Me: Er, what?

Kanan: Dude! Do not, I repeat not be his freind!

Me: You know what, this is just stupid. Goodbye!

-I Walked away mad-

More to come, later.

-Jake, Gamerboy20451

December 12th 2014

I was playing ROBLOX today with my close friends. I Don't really want to play with JacksBack12 because of what my friends said. I Blocked him so he cants message me or anything in that matter. So anyways I played with them and everything was fine. I Was home alone because my parents were going to watch a movie at the Movie Theater. Everything was regular until this person joined online who was some hacker kid. And he was putting this audio on that was just a kid crying in pain. People were leaving the game after that, I tried to leave the game but I couldn't so I kept clicking the exit button and it wouldn't work. I Tried restarting my laptop but I was still on the game. So I just turned my computer off and didn't dare to put ROBLOX on for tonight.

More to come.

-Jake, Gamerboy20451

December 14th 2014

Hi I'm back I don't have much information, all I have is this message from a person named 'DIEGAMER20451' here is the copy of the message.


That's it nothing really...also I just bought BC on ROBLOX because I saved up for it so...yay I guess.  Also I just forgot one thing. Somebody keeps getting in my ROBLOX account and messes everything up. I Keep changing passwords.

May 25th 2015

Hey, I am sorry it's been forever. Everything's back together, I changed my name from 'Gamerboy20451' to 'TheUltronicBeast' JacksBack12 seemed to quit ROBLOX or something. Well, until yesterday. You see, I hopped on my computer and looked up ROBLOX, what'd I see? A Message. I Thought it was from one of my friends, or a person asking to join a group. But, no. It was from 'JacksDead12' I Copied the message for you to see. To: TheUltronicBeast Subject: Remember me? Hello, UltronicBeast. I Am back. Fear me. Ouy t'nac epacse em won. I ma gnimoc rof ouy.