I will now tell my very first experience on ROBLOX.

Once I created an account, I searched for a new game to play, but something happened.

When I was playing a game that only had a guest, I was heading towards the end of the map, suddenly, my computer crashed. I tried to turn my computer on, but the computer wouldn't budge.

YEAR: 2008

I bought a new computer and played some ROBLOX again. My new computer was called a G-EST. I thought there was an error in the computer, though. I decided to play some different games, thinking that my computer might crash again. Text appeared, "STOP RIGHT NOW, WIN MY GAME"

I thought someone had hacked into my computer, "no, that can't be," I thought to myself, "that's too quick." Being the stupid person that I was, I played the Guest Game once again. I finished the game right when I entered.

I searched on the forums to see what was going on, but all anything said was, "ERROR." I decided to play a game, I was starting to get scared. When I joined, my skin was bloody. I knew this, but I didn't think this was a normal skin that I bought by accident, because when I checked my avatar, there were no blood skins.

Can someone please tell me how to fix this? Or is this just a cringy story that someone rewrote in their spare time? I don't know anymore.

I can't play anymore games and my computer can only download one thing; ROBLOX-GEST.

(This is a cringy story with bad grammar that Bill Cipher Laughs rewrote in their spare time)

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