Story by The Megalomaniac


ROBLOX live-streams are a fun and effective way to reach out to the community and interact with fans. At least, in most cases... Though, my case was a different one and it was a very terrifying situation too. But let's start from the beginning, shall we?

It was a typical Saturday on Winter Break, so I really had nothing to do but surf the web. Logging into YouTube, I typed up "roblox live-stream" and found about 20 different streams. I scrolled through all of them to find one that caught my eye.

The live-stream I noticed was titled "Having Fun?" The picture was of a ROBLOX character sitting in a black room, it wasn't very creepy but it was definitely weird... I'd always been a curious person so I went ahead and clicked it to quench my curiousity.

Upon clicking the mysterious video, it was a person on the ROBLOX home page, logging into different accounts with distorted versions of random songs playing in the background. The one talking had a voice that was obviously a voice changer, a bad one at that but from what I could tell it was a man.

"What the f*** is this?" I typed in the chat, suddenly noticing that there were 25 other watchers that hadn't been there previously, all sharing my confusion equally.

The person on the video, after reading the comments, sighed exasperatedly. "Aren't you having fun?" the person asked in a confused voice, almost as if they expected the viewers to enjoy this. Most of the other people left, but I stayed, typing "Why are you bothering to waste our time? This is stupid!"

Through the unknown person's mic, I could hear rustling and adjusting almost as if they were setting something up. Then the screen turned black, but started adjusting to what appeared to be a room, a computer screen illuminating the dark room and making it possible to see.

I wondered if the person was doing webcam or something, but then I noticed something extremely creepy. I had a pet bed filled with dog toys, and a blue cabinet to the right side of my desk. The room on the stream had all of those things, exactly where I had mine.

I was scared, but I wanted to make sure my suspicions were true or not, so I raised my hand. Sure enough, the person in the video raised their hand, too. Terrified, I slowly turned around, expecting to see a person in my room filming me...


Nowhere in my room was there a person, not even a camera. 'Okay, that's kind of weird...' I thought. Maybe there wasn't one, but seeing that livestream and knowing that I could be in danger, I wasn't going to take chances.

I ran out of my room, closed the door, took a chair from the kitchen table, propped it in front of the door, then ran to my mom. Shakily, I tried my best to explain it to her while keeping myself from hyperventilating. She nodded understandingly and kept a calm exterior, but her eyes told me she was terrified.

She told me to stay there, and she went into my room. I heard wind, rustling, and a sharp gasp, but nothing that indicated I should be extremely worried. Shaking, she walked out of my room and told me to follow her inside.

The window of my room was open, the cold winter air rushing inside and making the whole atmosphere creepier. My mom pointed to the bed, her face pale. I gulped, prepared to see someone under there waiting for me to look at them. Instead of a person, there was a knife and a rag with what looked like sleeping drugs on it, as well as rope.

"Oh..." I said quietly, eyes wide. My mom closed the window and made sure it was locked, then hugged me, seeing how scared I was.

When I looked back at the computer, the stream had ended and the description of the video had changed, instead of the old description, it now read "A partypooper and his mother ruined the fun... I'll have to try again next time."

My mom went off to call the cops, and I sat on my bed, feeling dazed and terrified. I didn't want to find out what that person meant by saying they would have to "try again next time", though I had a feeling I knew.

It's been a week since then and whenever I'm sitting in my room, playing on my phone with no sound, I hear a finger lightly tapping on my window. I sometimes hear a raspy voice whisper "Are you having fun?" but I just ignore it, assuming I'm imagining things because of that traumatizing experience.

At least, I hope it's just my imagination.