There is a place called "R.S.G. space station" by a user named guest000o. If you play it, you will be in a spawn room inside a space station that looks like a glass maze. If you drop from it and safely land, you will be on a lonely baseplate. There are two teleporters, one leads to the black room, the other leads to a fake. Go to the only object on the baseplate. There is an entry.

You will be teleported to a black area; there is a smiley near you, he is happy. Accross the room there's a hallway with another smiley, he is sad. There is a narrow corridor on the left side leading to another hall. A smiley is there too, he is mad. Go through the smiley, when you do you will be in a room with a black figure facing the wall away from you. If the floor has a decal, do what you wish. If it has none, LEAVE NOW! Because if it doesn't, it is the REAL black room.

Then that figure is the REAL figure. If you talk to the real one he will say he is lonely. You must reply or you will leave. When you reply, "Is this the real black room?" he will say yes; even more of a reason to run. If you say, "No noob," you will leave and whenever you go on roblox, your account picture will be an angry face. If you say, "Why are you here?" he will not say anything.

He never does, but then after you leave, a small timer will apear on your status. If you erase the status, it will not work. If the timer reaches 00:00:00 then your screen will start to melt, your computer will change it's background to an angry face.

But worst of all, if you try to repair your skin will start to melt, and the only thing left of you will be your clothes and a small puddle. Sometimes the figure will not be there, if not then rejoice. If so RUN! So spread the word and help solve the place's secrets.