Its me Csskitty, AGAIN. After making creepypastas non-stop over the last few days, I'm running out of ideas. So I'm sorry if its cheesy because to you awesome peeps it might. I hope you understand! -Csskitty

Chapter One- 2012 I had just started ROBLOX and I had no friends not many people liked noobs. But one day I played ROBLOX and met the best friend anyone could have! Her name? Carlindyp she was just like me, she liked creepy things. But one day (again) my ROBLOX wouldn't open, so I couldn't play it. I didn't get back on it until late 2013, when Draw It! was popular. My real-life friends got on ROBLOX and so we'd play everyday since.

Chapter Two- 2014

After about a year of playing ROBLOX after it stopped working, I had tons of friends, a somewhat popular game, and my own group! I had too many friends so I unfriended tons of them. Anyway, I was board so I went on a game called "NightMareVille" it was supposed to be scary (well of course, the name was NightMareVille). It had cheesy looking zombies (or as I call em' zambies).

An example of a cheesy ROBLOX zombie.

Chapter Three- Zombie Nightmare

So, I was playing the game and the zombies kept killing me. After a while it got annoying, so I left. Then about ten minutes later, I joined again except there was no zombies. So I walked around and out of no where a hyper realistic zombie came out and ATE MY ROBLOX CHARACTER, it freaked me out because the sound was realistic (yep there was sound too!), the way it ate my character was frightening, and my gore looked realistic. The fact it showed brain matter was disgusting,it also showed bone matter, flesh, ROBLOX blood (ROBLOX blood is artificial), and some weird dark orange goo. Right before my ROBLOX character was eaten, it made that weird "oof" sound when you die in ROBLOX except a bit higher pitched. Then, when my character was gone, it started playing this old song except really static-y while the hyper-realistic zombie walked closer and closer to the camera. I got scared and turned my desktop off but right before it went black, I heard a high pitched screech saying "WERE COMING, WE'LL SEE YOU IN HELL" and the zombie popped right in front of the camera. I screamed then went to watch television thinking it would calm me down. But there was a storm going on and my parents were at some party. The power went out due to the storm. But, my computer was still on.

Chapter Four- Power Outage

I went on my computer turned on my desk top, and I was on the ROBLOX homepage. I played a game called Draw It! by Stickmasterluke. It was all happy then someone named "NightMareVilleFan" joined. He kept drawing me being hung, brutally killed, tortured or being eaten by him. I panicked and left, I went on Roblox High School by Cindering. I was at Club Red and then he joined again, my power came back on. My parents then came home, and boy was I happy to see them! Then I realized, I was still in game. The fan kid hacked and drew the same things everywhere. Then I turned my computer off.

Chapter Five- Nim Comes Back

Remember that creepy pasta I made Nim? It was one of those stories I make to pass the time, but Nim is back. I saw a game called "NightMareVille 2.0" like an idiot, I played it. The hyper-realistic zombie was gone (thank god) but Nim was close to spawn. Let me explain the map from what I know of it. You spawn next to a dead tree, if you walk around you'll start to hear whispers, after a while your character will get bloody, there is a hotel called "NightMare Hotel" DON'T GO IN IT WHATEVER YOU DO. The walls are covered with flesh, blood, and if you're lucky it won't show brain matter. If you then get as far as you can from the hotel, you'll hear blood-curdling screams as if someone's limbs were being torn off. I walked of the edge of the map, ugh what a terrible idea. As I was falling, I stopped and there was a scream that sounded like it came from me. I sprained my wrist last winter while sledding, and it made and odd sound. After the scream finished I heard that odd sound. I'm going to try to explain it, so you know when you break a bone you'll hear a crack? It was sort-of like that except more like rubber. That's the best I can explain it.