Hello everyone, today I am going to be sharing a creepypasta about the user jdogie on roblox.

So, the date was June 6th, of 2016. 6/6/16. It was a bit of a suspicious date, as it was '666'. There were a few rumors going around about possible trolls and hacks. I, personally, wasn't scared as I didn't believe in any of this nonsense. That's when it started.

The Roblox banner being a light blue colour changed to a dark red colour. I thought it may be a glitch with my computer, so I shrugged it off. That's when the 'ROBLOX' logo changed from being white and red to all red. I was a bit startled, then, but I didn't

really think of what it could be. That's when I was re-directed (without me pressing a button) to the user jdogie's profile. His status read 'Prepare. Fight us, Fear us.' His character was dressed as a clown, and his badges were of decapitated Roblox heads. That's when I went to his groups, he was in a 'Content Deleted' group, with only two members. Jdogie and 'bharati'. Both of them looked the same. That's when I was put into a game with a library (a very well built one, I must say) and then an ear piercing 

sound echoed through my headphones.

I closed out of Roblox, and restarted my computer. The second I restarted it, creepy music started playing. I opened task manager, and noticed Roblox was still running, so I clicked 'End task' on it, and the sound stopped. I never played Roblox for the rest of the week, and when I came back on, everything was fine. I have no idea what I experienced, but it sure did scare me. I sure am not coming online on June 6th, 2017. Stay safe.

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