Hello, I am Csskitty from roblox and YouTube and a lot of other things. Today I'm going to give my opinion about what I think is happening with roblox. Judge me all you want its my opinion and I'm going to stick with it.

Roblox High School Everyone knows this game, if you don't its a High School role-play. Role-Plays are games where you act as someone. Anyway, its been getting hacked quite a lot recently. I actually recorded two times when I saw someone hacking and sent them to the staff. Roblox High School isn't the first roblox game to get hacked. But sadly its been happening a lot recently. This is a dark thought but some day, roblox is going to get taken over by hackers, it may sound stupid but its happened before on a lot of games. Toon Town for example was taken down A. because there were tons of hackers B. Because Disney cant take care of all of those hackers.

Speed Run Another game on roblox, it was hacked a lot today. I first played it then someone erased the map and kept killing everyone. Then, he put inappropriate pictures everywhere. I don't know much about this game so this is it really.

SuperHero City 2.0 PP Awhile back I played SuperHero City 2.0 and it was hacked just bloody noobs everywhere and stuff like that. SuperHero City is a game where you morph into a Super Hero and equip their powers. Many people like this game no wonder it was hacked. I was playing with a friend when we got on it, it had tons of players putting in the chat "hey" "you" "stop" it was really messed up. Also there was too many players the max was six or something but it had almost fifty-five players.

Those are games that have been hacked quite a lot. Still you can judge my opinion, but I know its coming.

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