Roblox Creepypasta - "Deleted File"

Chapter 1: Good ol' days of 2007'

It wasn't an ordinary game. There was too many noobs and guests, most of them were being owned and blown up by us, Robloxians. I was just a Volunteer in The Mobile Bloxxers, still learning to make spaceships and sharpening my sword fighting skills. The Mobile Bloxxers was a booming group and was loaded with great fighters back in 07'. The first fort was called Fort Tatterack. We were bound to protecting it against raiders and enemy groups. I was promoted in late 07, to Lance Corporal for killing off a count of 9001 raiders (Lol), I was also determined to make cargo ships, battle spacecrafts and establishing more forts for our group.

Chapter 2: 2010...

I was attending most of the daily meetings, and also I was dedicated to face one of the Generals in a sword fight. Roblox was overflowing with guests and so many new accounts, we added some vechiles to 5 of our forts for extra security. But one day... It was a black coloured foggy evening in Fort Haven. Quiet, it was so unfamiliar until I saw all the groups that were made. Vaktovia, RAT, Vortex Security. They had alot of raiders as much as we did back in the great fight of 09'. The forts were quiet and strange.

Chapter 3: Him.

On that black foggy day, me, yellowcatguy, Bysen97 and atombombdude, were guarding the fort and sending units of troops out to the land. It was pitch-black fog so no infrared cameras worked. I was escorting them on a scout for any enemy groups. I was wandering around and lost track of the troops and saw one nameless robloxian, fully  grey colored and with no face. My field of view went blank, it was him standing right infront of me, no face. My gun was gone and I tried calling for backup, no one responded. His blank face filled my field of view by now, creepily just... staring right at me.

Chapter 4: Overwritten

I awoke, in place, fully white coloured. No skybox, No baseplate just fully whiteness and me. Especially I was unequiped of my uniform, hats and t-shirt. I was colored fully white only with a data recoverment symbol

This was on my torso. Nothing else

placed on my torso. I walked around to explore, and saw the same grey figure out of the dusk of the white blank. It suddenly teleported in front of me. I did not know if it was looking straight at me, it didn't have a face posed. I tried saying - "Where am I?". The figure did not answer, I repeated "Where am I?", it suddenly stated - "Error 666: 'Class Avatar Unknown' " on the bottom of the screen. I waited and waited for something to respond...