Please check out the original first: It was early 2005 I was all over the internet looking for free online games. I can't recall the ones I found but one. I found a guy giving away a free online game account for a game called Roblox. I was worried because it was off of craigslist. The mans house was near my friend and I was going there that day. So before I went to his house I spent a extra ten mins going to get the roblox stuff from the man. So I knocked on his door for a few mins until a little cd and a paper sliped out from under the door the cd had ROBLOX.exe written on it with black sharpie. and the paper had ROBLOX.exe on the paper twice and under it it said get saves off of the cd to have the key for the website. Me and my friend checked it out and found ROBLOX.exe was the login info. We downloaded ROBLOX.exe and went to a game and downloaded a file called Crossroads.exe. and that was a level from this new game. The place was lego like and there was 6 people in the game. Test 6 Test 66 Test 666 Block.exe Builder.exe and .exe. And I said hello and the said "leave Now" I said why. They said "Die.exe" My player was not on the screen but there was a guy with his hand stuck in a paper shredder. We were screeming and then the computer shutted off. And would not turn on. It was dark so I went home. A few days later. I called to invite him over and his mom answered the phone crying I asked whats wrong and she said " Her son went to work with his dad and was trying to unjam a paper shredder and got his hand stuck and it turned on and killed him. then I fell into tears crying. I ran to my sink and throw the Roblox.exe down it and flipped that switch. Now I returned in 2011 and see a player named Friend.exe and he would say "I miss you" "Im sorry I had to go" "destroy the disk". I always see a pic of my friend with his hand in a paper shredder pop up when I play this game.

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