I was sleeping, scared of the dark, I thought there were monsters under my bed. I hid under my blankets as lightning flashed and banged. Everything was dark, and I couldn't get to sleep. Being my usual self, I turned on the light that was next to my bed. I then started reading Random Jokes for Starters. I heard some noises that sounded like someone crying. I looked up, the sound was coming from upstairs. I brang my blanket as I walked upstairs. Mom and Dad were sleeping, of course, and if I woke them, they would flip. I decided to go to my computer, and search, "Noises in the Dark." I then got caught up in playing Resquare. I started talking to one of my friends, who was Ermergerd3413.

Me: (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง hi

Ermergerd3413: lel hi

Me: So, you wanna play Rocitizens or something?

Ermergerd3413: k

I then remembered what I got onto my computer for.

Me: Do you know anything about noises in the dark?

Ermergerd3413 then unfriended me. I thought, "How strange! What did I say to make him unfriend me?" I then started talking with my other friend, Woahman666LOL.

Me: Any known things about noises in the dark?

Me: No

Me: I didn't say that

Me: I know you didn't

Me: Hackers!! ):<

Me: No, no, no, check your messages :)

I checked my messages, seeing that there was a message, by a guy named ImDead. "Why are you so different? You have to be like us. Or else we will come to kill you, [Real Name Here]!" I was scared, I had lost a friend, I had gotten a message had said that I had to join someone or else I would die, and there were noises in the dark. I decided to go back to bed and Read more Random Jokes for Starters.

The next day, I went back onto ROBLOX. I had 500 messages! They all said one thing, "Join or Die." I decided that I shouldn't play ROBLOX today, so I went onto Adobe Premiere Pro. It crashed right when I got onto it though, so I did something else. I put in a ROBLOX forum post.

Me: Hey ROBLOX, there is this spammer guy who is spamming me with messages saying Join or Die. His name is ImDead ThelennypedeswinYAY.

That was my ROBLOX name!

Me: Yeah, DUH

I did not put that in


No, whoever that is

Me: Im ImDead. And you didn't join

What is it that I didn't join?

Me: Us

*Dramatic cliffhanger!*

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