Once i lost my roblox account and the roblox icon on my desktop i gone to a fake roblox download which i thought was real. Once i downloaded the fake EXE i gone on the game. After that i saw a normal roblox homepage and everything was normal i got on a game and i got kicked...i don't know what caused it but it happened i refreshed roblox and i played a game again. I got kicked again and my avatar was all black. Stupid me i refreshed the homepage again i saw a bloody and corrupted roblox homepage i was ready to puke it was disgusting and obviously no i do not like gore. i exited the game and searched on google ROBLOX.EXE all i found was the same result well i thought. I searched up R0BL0X.EXE maybe it was a trick EXE a result came up and there was some rumor about a man getting stabbed and was forced to make a fake EXE of roblox he did then got killed and his face was a red glowing smile and it never stopped smiling. After that i tried to delete the EXE and icon and it didn't work. I was very scared but tried to play it again but instead of letting me go to the homepage of the corrupted roblox homepage and games it downloaded a virus on my computer and i couldn't close the page after it was downloaded it restarted the computer. My desktop and icons turned into a bloody roblox homepage with a creepy smile i restarted it again and again it didn't work i restarted it once more and i was on a roblox game once restarted a black weird shaped man joined name R0BL0X_DIE123 joined i was scared to death he was running around the game killing me over and over then i left and i gone to my files and it removed windows 10 after that i had to download it again and i did and after that i decided to make this to warn you guys please don't do this foolish stuff. you may check out his profile just make sure you never see him in games!

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