i guys make sure to read the page "Project8545" before reading this.

Weird messages:

So I was playing auto rap battles again and thank god he wasn't playing on the server

but suddenly a message pops up on the server saying "Guest 5458" first I ignored it as always but after admiring his name the number after the word "guest" is 5458 and the number 5458 is 8545 in reverse

I was like what the heck I was so scared I left the game and decided to play robloxian waterpark

but wait a min is that a message from project8545? I opened the message

him: hae hew r yaw (hi how are you)

me: hi......

him: met mae aet mae plaes (meet me at my place)

me: k....

His place:

so I went to his place and it wasn't a scary place

instead it was the starter place that roblox gives you when you make an account

so after I waited a couple seconds he joined it and said

him: aae wael kael yaw aend daestaroy roblocs (I will kill you and destroy roblox)

me: say waaaaaaaaaaaaaat? XD you are a stupid noob trying to get famous by acting like a hacker

him: yao r naext (you are next)

him: /ban z

and after that happened I lost connection to the game and every time I try joining it I lose connection to it

Note: this story is real and you can find project8545 by searching his name on roblox and also my username is zaintoffaha.

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