Project8545 first encounter:

so I was playing on roblox auto rap battles waiting for my turn but suddenly I see

(project8545 joined the game) first I ignored it but he was idle for a long time but after that he started moving and walking around like a guest then he started typing things like /move audio or /set audio 95% but what really scared me is when he said /set audio 95% the volume really decreased but came back to normal after

a couple minutes, then he came to one of the players and said "Hi welcome to the auto help system

how can I help you?" then the player said "?" then project8545 said "command not found please try again"

then project8545 left the game leaving that player confused.

Second encounter:

I was bored so I joined prison life v2.0 and look who is there project8545 again.....

I was a cop and I was bored so I teased him and shot him even when he did nothing then


his skin

he said "z / ban" but nothing happened so I kept teasing him until he said "z / kick (accept)" and after he said that I lost connection to the game and that was so creepy cause I don't think that he is an admin.

Third encounter:

me and my group had a skydiving event so we went to the skydiving game and jumped out of the plane the group owner was playing with us so we was chatting while we were falling from the plane then the owner said

"a player called project8545 joined the group yesterday do you know him?" I said "what??? this player keeps kicking me out of games that I join" the owner said "XD what?" I said "I swear to god" the owner said I believe you I'm gonna ban him from our group" then the owner left the game and banned him from our group.

Note: this story is real and you can still find his account by searching project8545 also my username is zaintoffaha.

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