This is my second one,i guess.

I was playing the new Prison Life which came out.I played for a few times and it was fun.About the 4th time I got into a server with a guy and a guest in it.I said hello to the guy,but he did not seem to respond.Let's just call him Mark.

Mark was a cop,I was a prisoner.I managed to escape and become a criminal.The guest was walking around,jumping and everything a normal guest would do.Until Mark said something.He said :

Mark : goodbye guest

The guest suddenly leaves.

Mark : hello player.

Me : Um...what do you want?

Mark : nothing...i just want you gone.

I was shocked.So I stayed silent.About 3 minutes later,some friends joined me,including a stranger.Now its five players,me,my friends ( three of them ),the stranger,and Mark.

My friends names were JakePlayz123_12,and two missing friends,DavidMonster and chow_guy.Chow said hey,jake did too,David too.i said hey too.Chow said the stranger was his friend irl.Let's call him Donald.

Donald asked who the heck is Mark.Donald called him Mickey Mouse.

Mark said,

Mark : I am your soul,you dumb fool.

Donald : Shut up.

Me : Donald,don't...

Chow : Must be a noob.

Jake : Tru dat

Mark said this in blood red words,

Mark : Fools.You will know what will happen next.

Suddenly,the sky became crimson in color.The prison was deleted,and there was only a green baseplate.Mark laughed,and we could hear a creepy laugh.Then,the baseplate became black and poof!Out came a forest.Mark said,

Mark : Let's play a game.

Mark : Whoever dies...goes.

Mark : And when you won't come back.

Mark chased Chow and Chow was stabbed by Mark with a hammer.It looked like as if Chow's head exploded...and hell,it was realistic.Then,David reseted,but he left.Jake and me ran.We fired at him with AK47s.Then,he said :

Mark : I will see you later,when you are all gone.Consider this as the start....

Then it all ended.

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