So I was playing some Phantom Forces, but the other team was winning. I left after the round ended. I then played some epic minigames, and it was fun. I kept getting killed by noobs and guests, who pushed me.but it was fun. I left and joined Flood Escape, but the lobby was in a pallet of green. The players were blue. The lifts weren't coming up, so I left. But I came up with a error message, saying "You left. Please come back. Please stay."

After that incident, I stopped playing Roblox. I started playing again, but every server of every game had the same thing: Green bricks, blue players, and that error message coming up. I got used to it, but I always saw something in the corner of my screen but I couldn't see it when I looked at it. After about 50 minutes, my eyes hurt from the bright colors. I shot off my computer, but it wouldn't turn off. It just said. "System_64 deleted. Restarting your computer may keep your computer from functioning." Hearing this, I kept it on for the night.

I found a site when I searched up "green brick glitch Roblox" It was called "" (Notice: the L in Roblox is now a uppercase I) I ran this through antivirus, and it came out clean. I clicked on it, and it was like the normal Roblox help page. It said "This glitch occurs when a player is hacked by BHH. It is very rare, and has a patch (download link) I clicked it. There was a comment on this article, but it said "go to gam." The download finished, but it was named "Project_GBF." I opened it.

It was a game, like Survive the Disaster, but it was in a green pallet. I couldn't move, and my camera was locked. There was a horde of blue people. I was red. It passed around me, but left the house destroyed. (I was between the house and the shop) Then a horde of yellow people. It destroyed the shop. Now, a simple black figure with a pistol came up to me, without moving its legs or arms. It pointed the gun at my head. (In game) he inched it closer, (I was in 3rd person) while I still couldn't move. I was holding down the W button. My mouse moved to close the screen, but something stoped my mouse. It said, "You won't get out of this alive." He pulled the trigger.

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