So it was just a normal day of playing ROBLOX. I was logging into ROBLOX to play Greenwood Town with my brother so i was looking for the game instance that he was on and i did find him. There was someone next to him who was completely black with glowing red eyes and his name was UNKNOWN so i joined Greenwood Town and "Unknown" came up to me and killed me THE SECOND I JOINED! I respawned right next to jc and unknown. His name wasn't on the scoreboard. I said hey bro there's this guy right next to me and its creeping me out... JC said Dude there's nobody there, look at your scoreboard for UNKNOWN. JC said OK. I said JUST SHOOT RIGHT BEHIND ME and I died. The screen suddenly said i couldn't respawn,and that made me feel slightly scared as that has never happened before. I thought I exited and i saw it my blurb said your next and my feed said WHERESMYC666IE so i bought a model that was a cookie that i saw yesterday on the catalog i went to the page and it said sold out i exited ROBLOX and tried again but it just bring up a face that said YOURNEXT-UNKNOWN by now i was really scared. I turned off the computer and got out of my chair when i turned to run out of the office, There was a dark figure standing there Hello, it said I am Unknown666

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