If you don't know what a pishing site is, Its a site where you steal a another person's account by making a fake duplicate of the ROBLOX site. This story has been sent by a anonymous person via email and he claims that this actually happend to him. (Some people might find this disturbing and may actually give you nightmares. reader discretion is advised) Here is whats written in the story: I have been making pishing sites lately, stealing people's accounts that were not careful enough i had stolen 610+ accounts on ROBLOX and by the time i stole another BC account i decided to take a break. I sold some of the bc accounts and sometimes play front-page game from different accounts. After 2 weeks I got bored of the accounts and thought it was time to steal new ones. But before i spam the games's walls I had to login to my main account to see if it wasnt banned. I logged in and I noticed a new message in my inbox so i went to my inbox to check it out. The message had a weird title "WHY" I opened the message in my inbox and what was written in the message was this: Hello, I know you have my account but i dont want it anymore. I want something else not but why did you have to do that? Why? WHY?. After i read the message, i didn't really mind the stuff he wrote although I didn't understand the part where he wanted something else. So the next thing i did was check if my pishing site got deleted or not. I typed the link and pressed enter but it only showed "This webpage is not available" I was thinking that the site got deleted or banned but i refreshed the page to check if it wasn't a bug or glitch. The next thing happend is one of the most horrifying things that happend in my life. The webpage was changed into something negative and erie, i thought the site was just being hacked but after reading the message the person wrote made me cringe so much. The site had the text "WHY" which was related to the message the user wrote me.

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