[Note: this is my first CREEPYPASTA. Enjoy!]

Chapter 1: The Beggining of a Nightmare

It was midnight, I was on roblox, scripting and building, I was making a DOOM type game. I serched for "demon zombie" and it came up with something suspicious. It was named "Pentagram.Parent.Script".

I dragged it into the workspace, and pressed "play" at the top of roblox studio. When I did, it started playing disturbing music. I felt nauseous, so I went to the bathroom. I vomitted into the toilet. As my hed rose up from the vomitting, I saw a man outside of my bathroom window. He was looking up from the streets. He had white eyes, a black torso and limbs, and he had a hammer in his hand. I thought of that as a coincidence, little did I know, it wasn't...

To be continued...

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