I always play ROBLOX. It is one of my favorite games, loved it ever since 2013. It was one of my favorite games. I decided to play ROBLOX games and I wanted to see what I should play. And so it begins...

Chapter 1: Pears to Pairs

I decided to play Pears to Pairs. It was very fun. Since I was new, I had to do a tutorial. Now the first round begins. One of the users were ERROROPS.JPG. It was strange, I thought you could not put symbols in your username (except _). I didn't know what was going on. He was judge on the category: Scary. I chose The Judge and when he wanted to choose, all the cards said LORD CAME TO KILL ME! My the judge card was the same, but he picked LORD CAME TO KILL ME! card. I don't know what's going on.

Chapter 2: Chats

I got a skype message from him. WIP>

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