I haven't been wanting to do this but I feel it will help us grow into a progressive wiki. 

Now there will be a set of rrequirements for a pasta to be allowed to be posted. If you do not follow by the list your pasta will be deleted. I suggest writing your pasta somewhere on your PC or on pastebin. Sorry for this inconvenience.


- Pastas must be at least 1 paragraph long. Paragraphs consist of 5 sentences at least. Its required for there to be at least 1 paragraph.

- Grammar must be decent. If there are very noticeable errors and spelling mistakes the pasta will be deleted. Even though this is a wiki its not the community's responsibility to fix your grammar errors.

- It must not be cliché. Basically no 666 or .exe clichés. They have been done so many times. We need better examples of pastas that isn't 666 or .exe. Its only allowed if there's more to the story than 'omg .exe killed me gah help'

- Another requirement is to not repost a pasta that's been deleted. Meaning don't repost the exact same pasta. Unless there's been progressive changes. More or less soon we will make a appeal system. Meaning to repost a deleted pasta, the redone version must be approved by an admin before posted. 

- This isn't a requirement but please report any pastas that break our regulations to DaisyPeachPower. 

Thanks DaisyPeachPower (talk) 03:58, March 8, 2016 (UTC)

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