This is a WIP creepypasta, plus I am new to making creepypastas, so sorry if they are rushed, lame, filled with cliches or some other stuff, thanks for reading this. -doglover102005, creator of this pasta.

Chapter 1: The unsettling guy

It was just a normal day in the wonderful part of Scandinavia, Norway. I was playing TrollFare for fun, it was just a simple troll shooter, I was playing with my friend, Witold, who was polish, and some reason a random person called "N0RTH3R41D10T". I asked him "Hello there player.", and my friend said "Welcome to trollfare!". And for some reason he started cursing strongly, harshly, and quickly. Unlike what it would usually do in ROBLOX, it didn't say "[Content Deleted]" or even swarm the chat with hashtags, instead it just let it go. I remember using a cheat to make the safechat go away for me, because I was younger than thirteen at the time, he left and the game shut down with the text saying "Game is malfunctioning, and so is your computer.", after five seconds of reading slowly, my computer glitched and the screen turned black, I stopped playing ROBLOX and decided to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Dirty Bomb until late October.

Chapter 2: ROBLOX shutdown, forever.

I was done playing COD:BO3 and Dirty Bomb, and when I came back to ROBLOX, there was nothing but a very dark-red and black background, crying children in the background and a crimson cube in the centre saying ".reverrof nwodtuhs sah XOLBOR", which I read backwards saying "ROBLOX has shutdown forever.", With the slight grammar error, I thought they said "ROBLOX has been shutdown, and will never be opened.", I was sad, scared, and angry due to the shutdown, and I traveled to the ROBLOX HQ to see no lights on, when it was clearly 12:30 PM, blood on the windows, smiling, black faces on the floor and corpses everywhere, I ran away and accidentally took the plane to Amsterdam, and I had to wait 2 MONTHS, to get back to norway, when I did get back, the house had reverse colours in the inside, but still same ol' colours on the outside, 2 mannequins representing my family members, but one was missing out, mainly my older sister. which was in the house, but in the attic, with a crying face, and blood instead of tears, 7 toes instead of 10, 1 hand instead of 2, and hair cut off, I was insanely scared and ran away, and I decided to live with my other friend, who lived a few hundred meters from me, and when I came to him, it was completely normal, and I told him the story, he didn't believe me though, and I showed him it, he saw it, and we both ran away, we decided to live there either forever, or until I leave.

Chapter 3: Gory Terror

I was bored of just playing COD:BO3 and Dirty Bomb, I decided to make a game like ROBLOX to revive it and it's fans, I used a site making kit and I made a very simple game like ROBLOX.

It wasn't much, as I'm a very inexperienced game designer, It was like old roblox but slightly worse, but the graphics was fine, however, some dude called "H#C#E#H#R#", however, I made it so you couldn't add hashtags and special letters like ' and @, which he had, It wasn't long until he hacked the server, I was now thinking his name was "HACKERHERE", with the A, K, R, E, and the last E hashtagged, I made a random MLP place with rainbows and other childish material because I was a brony at the time, however, the sky and clouds became very gray, the colours turned to black and white, from the living ponies to the dead ponies, I was scared, then there was rapid and short static, a pitch-black person, with a cheerful smile, holding a large knife in his right hand, he was far from me in the first static, I was in first person and couldn't zoom out, I couldn't move too, he came closer and closer every short static, he later then cut my legs, then my arms, and lastly the head, my character screamed in horror as the body parts were cut, slowly and violently, like a movie character choking someone very hard. I was so scared, the gory content led me to never continue making the game. I was very scared and had constant nightmares.