Recommended to read the first.

Last time you heard that i heard my mom say S4PPERS R3ADY. Well heres part 2. I went outside my room and saw nothing, now i thought. "Just my stupid imagination again..." So i go back into roblox only to see that it says. ZAZAZAZAZAZAAAZAA. I was confused, when i looked back at the creator it was ZAZAZAZAZAZAAAZAA. Now i was getting scared. So i went to my friends house, we played roblox together. Then someone joined called. SixSixSIX i was freaking out now so i told my friend. He said. "Just a normal player..." Then he said in the chat

[SixSixSIX:] T0f4e3c4n6l3s...

I was confused so i responded saying "Yes?" I got teleported to a place with my friends. All 1374 at the time. I said. "Wow a 1000+ testing server!" I was dumb to notice it said on their faces in small illuminati's watching...

I was scared. Then the 4 eggs appeared and in chat i saw ZAZAZAZAZAZAAAZAA saying that i was to touch the eggs to wash away my sins and all bad. I thought, why not! Then i did and got teleported to temple and it said again, RUN WHILE YOU CAN... TOFFEE.

To be continued,

Part 3 The end...

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