One of the ROBLOX employees have leaked out the most darkest secret of all time. He has released a post in the forums saying that Erik Cassel never died of cancer. It's because of something so severe and deep that he cannot describe what he saw in his eyes. The staff is apparently missing. Probably assumed dead by the ROBLOX HQ. After the leak, ROBLOX has deleted the post and all traces of the staff's account. Like as if he were to never exist. Only one person saw the post. And that was Ricks Smith. A former active Robloxian Player. Let him explain to you. Erik was one of the best staff of all of the ROBLOX staff. Until, a new employee came to ROBLOX HQ. Things changed in ROBLOX then. He wanted updates very frequently. If an update occurs, then the game has to change completely. This caused the players to be very mad with the new updates. The staff was worried that this will cause a revolution. The ROBLOX Employees quickly changed the new ROBLOX to normal ROBLOX.  

The new staff wasn't fired for unknown cases. David (BUILDERMAN) was going to go on vacation so he made Erik Cassel the new CEO until he comes back. The new employee however, had hatred against Erik. He and Erik used to be friends until something made them hate each other. Erik was somewhat concerned about the new employee but he didn't care of that much. The New Employee... Formerly known as John Malvontee, has formed an operation plan. He wrote it on his paper, Operation Erik. ID obliteration. It was night and Erik was the only one at the ROBLOX HQ. He could've heard some footsteps of the stairs coming up to his room but he thought it was something else. When he tried to log into his account, his name changed into "I....C....U.." He knew that someone was watching him. He didn't try to look behind. He just continued on with the screen. One of his place's title changed into, "Fine, I'll do it by force" He felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned back. A shadow. Looking at him. Erik's body was found slumped on his chair. The New Employee was never caught. The staff didn't want to share out this or else the whole ROBLOX community will collapse with horror and panick. They quickly covered it up with a reply of that he died of cancer. John Malvontee's notebook was found later on and they found something stunning. "Operation was a success" on the last page of the notebook.