There are some times when you think you can trust somebody but there are some times you are being tricked and be forced to fall into a very horrible situation...........this is like the same when they say this wiki is shutting down I still don't know if this wiki is just abandoned or secretly changing into something else,I'll never know and understand it but I don't even know if the saying "Every single thing must come to an end" quote is quite true because I think it shouldn't because this might lead to an unknown circumstances that I just recently felt and experienced myself

It was the day after New year's Eve, January 1 as I go upstair and brush my teeth,I don't feel anything new this year since it's just the number of the year just change but it still feels like the same year,but I try to forget that since it's quite a nonsense thought as I finished brushing my teeth and wait for our lunch to be cooked.

For a while, I was quite busy during those time......Early ready of packing my materials for the coming back of school days which quite a bummer since sometimes you feel like time runs fast and you want to extend it but rather still think that time still goes the same way even if you extend it,So after that just opened my computer and go organize my schedule on the internet,as I check in my social account to find tons of notifications,some of them are worthless and waste my time while others might be good to check by.

It took me a couple of minutes to check all and after that just got in to ROBLOX and sign in my account but at a very unearthly late time as my mom already finished cooking our lunch and called us,so rather than going to check and play my favorite game I just signed out and go deal with the fact that you can't disrespect time.....especially when you have an empty stomach.

Jus after finishing eating lunch (and also we cleaned the whole house),I quickly hurried to the computer and go sign in my ROBLOX account and as I seen,nothing really special...normal hats at the catalog and a few new games on the front page so I rather play Martial Arts Battle Arena as my cursor pressed play but for a while the roblox launcher is still warming up or updating so I got some spare time to go to some other pages that I usually visit.

So I first checked the Minecraft Forums and don't think that this will end up a trollpasta or a Minecraft creepypasta as I checked in the latest Info about but rather than that still found worthless so I checked in ROBLOX again and my launcher is almost completed so I rather chill down on some tunes and wait for the launcher to be finished.

It took 5 minutes for the launcher to be completed as I play one of my favorite games but it's been a long time since I never played that game so I fighted like a noob and such even thou I have 251 bouts wins.

It's a good thing that last 10 minutes as I remember all of the moves I learned since I was 10 since mostly I played it when I was 10 and was such a pro at that so after that I finally get the hang of it,and good thing my simply nice personality makes my fighting even more easy as I been cheering up with maybe 2 to 4 players that respect me which is nice since if your nice to one's person you will expect to be given back the same way you did.

Anyways I been playing for like 4 hours as I say my goodbyes to everyone.......well some of them are a bit dramatic and say "Don't leave plz" but I have no choice since my mom was calling me to help her with something so I immediately leaved the server and helped my mom carry some things she needs for cooking that she just bought.

After helping her also with the cooking I go back,turn on the computer and sign in to ROBLOX again and played Speed Run 4,Still a coincidence feels like Speed Run 4 is not really a new thing,like it just changed the name and add a few stages and that's all I guess as I run on each track stages and planning on shortcuts nearby.

Finished the game again for like an hour or so as I thought about one Fatal mistake that I forgot to do......"Shoot!!!!! My Assignment!!!!!" as I hurriedly get out of the server,sign out and turn offed my computer and quickly ran into my pack to look for the assignment for science......It was gonna be past by the start of school days again and while I was in vacation I clearly forgot about it since computer always act as a magnet to me and I'm the metal but nevermind about that as I go start doing the assignment......forgot that after seeing it,It was totally hard so I have to get info on the web to finish it properly.

It took 10 minutes or I think 15 minutes since I have no track of time and just focused on my assignment.As I finally finished it,I finally put it in my bag and go play ROBLOX again.

But after leaving the room I suddenly felt something cold touched my shoulder and as of it I quickly turn back but nobody was there.....thinking it was my younger sister playing tricks with me again,I trashed that thought in my own brain and start to turn on my computer and sign in to ROBLOX,but after signing up and checking for anything new in the last 15 seconds,My mind suddenly thinks of something but I don't know what since it was very blurry even for me but All I could make out of was "ROBLOX","Back" and an Evil laughter at the end of it but all of the other words were like in German or something alien-language I think.

But again I try to forget that and go play some games again,As I look for the nearest Obby game the thought comes back again and then I tried to forget it again as I pressed play and go start playing.

The game was fine and all until there was a second when a static sound came up and after that the song from the game (The Older one) Build to survive the zombies by DANGERTIM112......Starting to get scared and at the same time confused that if the maker just add this because of a prank I continue with the game and leaving that thought behind once until this horrifying thing happen...I saw one of the players wearing the hat that I can remember from "The Eye a hat made by "......"" story and know what you are thinking that this is just a prank made by one of the readers of my pasta but looking at the hat it look at the same as I seen a long time ago and it's impossible for someone to re-make it because I haven't tell the exact look of the hat.

My heart was pounding a little faster,Sweat is almost coming out as I avoid that player and keep moving the Obby as fast as I can just to avoid that player thinking he is no good for me,not at all.

I got into stage 145 and the player is kinda 60 stages away from me as I breath normal again and continue the game once again but once again another familiar thing happened.....I got disconnected to the game but with the message "LP EDFN" and then I recognize this as the same coding system that was used in the creepypasta "Disconnected"...after seeing that I quickly close the ROBLOX program,logged off and turned off my computer......My mind is now full of questions but mostly fear...did they come back? what do they want from me? as I asked these questions myself I suddenly hear my computer opened up by itself! and then opens notepad and type in " with us" I was shocked at the message but much more when I i'm not dealing with only 1 thing but almost than that as I get out of the computer fast and go outside for some fresh air so that I forget about what just happened.

My heart is starting to calm but it came back as I seen a person on the road far from me and as I look at it....It look like a blooded guy with a knife but the more creepy part was he was looking at me also....I can seriously feel it that he's looking at me even if he's far away from me as I went back inside the house,Creeped out.

Now this isn't right as i'm going crazy about this if this is true or not as I goes back to the room but I have no idea why I go back to the room where I know that person or thing is in my computer...greeting me in every word he types in the notepad and as it reads............

Sorry continuing story by like tomorrow i guess