I think I was the first to find this "creepy" account on ROBLOX. OneEyeAnonymous is a profile and a group. BUT the group is on discord. I managed to get to the server

Nothing creepy has been going on there. Actually, the person in OneEyeAnonymous's game is in the discord server. Which is suspicious.... The OneEyeAnonymous account has their status updated as you can see in the top right corner. I am FireGamer9872 (called Fire) My discord has my youtube name which is ItzFire. Well, I'll update this page when I find more about it. If you find anything, feel free to message me on Discord: ItzFire#7353 The OneEyeAnonymous profile page:!/about


Anon is what I'm gonna call this account in this paragraph. Anon is the only person on OneEyeAnonymous' friends list. At the time I do not know much about this account.


LittlexRainy/Sniickety is the person in OneEyeAnonymous' game. I am actually her friend. I didn't know about this before she told me about this. She can't play ROBLOX anymore for private reasons.

Oh and this is fake. Rainy made it up. {UPDATE: 6/28/17} Hey guys! I haven't payed much attention to this XD, but uh, I'm working on making a revamped OneEyeAnonymous pasta, so yeah! Um...... it will be a while mk? Well, I don't have anything to say now, so bye!

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