June 14, 2015

I was browsing the ROBLOX website, looking through tabs and tabs of links, profiles, and games. At one point, I saw someone with the username "UserOne1." Interesting name, I thought, and out of curiosity, I went to his profile. His description was all hashtags, so I then thought "He's probably just had safechat enabled or something." But I then found....his game. The name was "Hanged." I looked at the thumbnail for it. It was a ROBLOXian, but the picture was too dark, but it was clearly visible that he was....hanged. I then looked at hs profile, and for some reason, he had just one model in his inventory, the namebeing "I don't want you here." It was a rope, being shaped as a...


I closed my laptop, thinking, "That's a bit too much internet for today...yeah..." But this wasn't over yet. Not even close.

June 15, 2015

I went onto his profile once again. I still was curious on what his game was, but I then noticed...he's online. I quickly joined the game he was in, which was a popular game known as ROBLOX High School. Strangely enough, even though the game is VERY popular, the server was almost deserted, with only 5 players, including One. They were all sitting around the fireplace by the camping area. I went closer....and with each step, my character started getting...smaller....and by the time I got to one of the players, I was barely the size of his foot. He then turns to me, and....steps on me. He literally kills me. When he killed me, the ROBLOX client crashed, leaving me with a text file and an image on my desktop. Although it is named "log.txt," it contains a note by...him.

One Knows.

The image

Oh, you think that you can just look at me, thinking that I wouldn't notice? You think that you can completely "stalk" me, being a little creep, just looking at my personal profile page every single day? Well, you won't be so happy when...I... get you. L1F3 15 N07 4 G4M3.
June 16, 2015

I got on my ROBLOX account, logged in and all of that, but something was up. The webpage had a dark theme, almost as if I had OBC, even though I have never even had any kind of BC. My group page only had one group, instead of my usual 5 groups, and the group I had joined was named "lie." The creator? Unsurprisingly, One. I was sick of this. I quit.

July 7, 2015

I came back to ROBLOX. I logged in, and the only thing that I found on my profile was the hanged model. There were no games on the games page. The only thing I saw was...him. Everywhere. I see him everyday. Every second of my life I think of his ROBLOX character. And I'm terrified.

But what's the worst that could happen?

July 8, 2015

1 4M 0N3. 4ND H3, 7H3 WR173R, H45 N0W B4N15H3D. R34S0N? M3.....4ND MY H4NG3R. Y0U'53 UP N3X7.

The end? It's....OK? I genuinely don't know how to rate this. Leave your opinion in the comments. I'd like some feedback, but keep in mind that this is my first creepypasta. Thank you for reading.

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