is a game as the name says its a highway

the description of it says :mostly gaurded by the demon summoned somewhere at the sewer system if you make it out of here without a busted engine consider yourself blessed by jesus himself if you get to the sewers though well you better have a gun or a weapon and some will to fight a demon

it was made at a early time so its not even close to having a ending

it doesnt mention the diner and the other places

and how your character doesnt go inside it even though you control it

heres a screen shot from it

NOTE:"i know its blurry

The diner

i got it fresh from studio

if its not good for you"

that stuff on the windows is not oil

its blood

and i can show you whats inside also

yes those are dead bodies inside

sorry for that selected brick over there

this is a W.I.P creepypasta so ill update you once this gets something new

ill show you the other places sometime also they are not separate games they are in the game itself like landmarks or something if you wanna explore it yourself heres a link:

Whats inside

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