I was digging through my attic, when something caught my eye. It was a disc of Dynablocks. (2003 Roblox) I put it in my computer, and it opened up something like a browser with only Dynablocks. The website looked like the 2009 Roblox website, but simpler. There were games, make, and avatar at the top. I clicked on avatar. I could change my body parts color, with a picture to the left.I clicked on games. It had 2 games. "Four Seasons" and "Happy home in Dynablocks." I clicked on Four Seasons, because it looked better. It was a picture of the game, play right beneath it, and the creator, Dynablocks. I pressed play.

My character spawned (noob) and I started to move, without me touching it. Then It tripped, right at my cursor. I moved it. My character followed. I pressed escape, and saw a setting. "WASD Controls." I checked it, and began to play. I ran into a tree, and my FPS dropped to like 7 FPS. It took a while for it to get back to 30. I noticed a effect like burning paper at the top left corner. Every time I ran into somthing, it grew. I exited out, but the effect held. I touched the monitor, and it was cold. I exited the Dynablocks browser, and restarted it. The effect was gone, but when I played Happy Home in Dynablocks, it crashed, and a frame of the game flashed. I saw a noose, with a noob next to it.

I tried to press make, and it brought up something like the develop page, but I could only do games. I made a new game, and it was blank. I had sphere, block, and gear. I clicked block and it spawned one. I clicked gear, and it brought up sword, gun, and shield. I pressed sword. there were 2 swords, 1 linked sword and 1 knife. I pressed back and clicked gun. There was a pistol, and a rifle. I pressed back and then shields. It had 1 shield. I pressed sphere and put it on top of the block. I expanded the block so it was a tree. A dull, depressing grey tree. Part of it was black, but I assumed that was shading. I put in a linked sword, and it crashed. I felt a tingle on my back as my hairs stood up.