It was around midnight when I found my old account, the one I lost the password to. It'd been 4 years since I lost my account, it had every dominus up to 2012, 2 domino crowns. I almost cried. I clicked the profile, it said it was online. Was it PG'ed? I looked at it's groups. It was in every group I was in. Weird. It also was friends with everyone I was friends with, it was creeping me out so I played Phantom Forces.

As I was playing I got killed by my old account. I was practically in a horror movie. Then I realized that I was imagining things, besides, I hadn't slept since yesterday with the developer game jam going on. I decided to have some rest. I was having a dream where my account and I was standing in a black room with no exit.

"Hello..." It said. "Let's have a talk..."